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Muammar Rayyan Nazif

A member registered May 20, 2019

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This is a spam, do not say it is not.

Posting what is not related to this game is called a spam.

No, that was made by a suspended account.

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I did read it. I know how to do that, but I don't know how I can explain it yet

For a helpful information, read this!

Is this another account of Awecom?

This game is family friendly.

Click "Reply" below the comment.

That update was small...

Did that happened in the playground or in the hallway?

For a helpful information, read this!

There is already an android version of the classic version.

Actually there is also an android version of the Birthday Bash.

Please stop spamming this comment section with your announcements. If you still want to announce them, please post them here!

You are wrong! "Bl" was typed as a face like this 😒. Also, the "game" that they meant is this game, the full game early demo~ I have no idea how you could not tell...

My current best score!

Actaully when you are running in the playground the stamina will not reduce and still refill by itself. give you a hug :3

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Then, what happened?

Right click on application file (the one with Baldi's head) after extracting, and then click "Run as administrator". It works for me ;)

look here.

But there are still some glitches in the android version...

did it happen to you too? If so, then i have a question; did you extract all files?

Did you extract all files?

Grabbing the zesty bar from the office??!!

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Is that question supposed to be necessary? BI

Why is the halloween update not on google play?

People don't use Mac OSX. People use Windows

This was fun, I have beaten all modes. Also, it only let me view the back of the student, therefore, the student also walks backwards.

I am not a modder, so I cannot help you.

Have got any proofs?

Those are also not rip-offs, I do not like how you call these fan-games "rip-offs".

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Those are the screenshots that I sent in Baldipedia! You took them without asking permission...

Edit: Nvm, it doesn't matter that you didn't, know.

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Actually ~ 1st prize got deactivated. It is mentoined in the "Out Of Order" poster near him.

Three days ago...