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Muammar Rayyan Nazif

A member registered May 20, 2019

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The sentence is actually "You're legs might be broken," not "Your legs might be broken."

Edit: This is just a joke, hope you don't mind.

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I actually had other items, not only the Grappling Hook and he sometimes did not take one of them.

Is this from the Stealthy Challenge? if so, this is not a bug, Principal clones in that challenge.

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In the Grapple Challenge, when I got stuck on the door when it was closed, the Grappling Hook could not be used anymore. 

Edit: I forgot about this, but in that challenge, It's a Bully does not disappear even when I have items.

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There is already an update on Google Play and App Store.

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New record~! Edit: the best time was reverted after updated.

The quote button is somehow broken, the game gets frozen whenever I paused the game, it does not let me win. I hope you will fix these bugs!

what do you mean?

Is this another account of Awecom?