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The idea to combine colours to match the outer border has some potential for sure. Good job!

I replayed it with the belt numbers in mind. I would argue the opposite. It was a long delay before my strategy was implemented, throwing off my math. This is a worthy challenge to beat for sure.

I liked the segregation of turning and smooth moving between the two blocks. Nice puzzle designs. Good job!

I liked the idea of combining enemy items to give enhancements instead of levelling up with experience. The additional step gives it more difficulty and control. Good job!

I've never seen anything quite like this. I was going into it with eagerness to find a strategy, then realized: "damn, that's a lot of numbers to add." I wish I had a second brain to help me with adding the other belt's numbers. The graphics and sound was great, and I liked the polished up itch page.

It took a while to figure out I can combine combinations, but got to the ending. I liked the graphics and sound.

25650 was my score. This is really polished! Its got sound, nice graphics, smooth controls, and great difficulty curve. Also impressive itch page, well done!

I really like the combination of modules to make different abilities idea. Good job on procedural dungeons and fog. Lots of potential with this idea!

How to deal with the horizontal box with boss fight. I waited for the box to leave the field before confronting boss. I initially didn’t know it dangerous.

What the chainsaw did (the gears plus the pipe). Allowing a field for experimentation like you did was a good idea less with essential obstacles solved with the new abilities.

Smooth controls, funny story, great art and parallax background. This idea has a lot of potential, the going back into where you died to reclaim some things. Great stuff!

Combining sheep into an ultra-omega sheep is the best. When it was so big I couldn't fit it through the bushes, I laughed. I also liked the witty dialog and the combinative speed of the sheep too. Many sheep together = sonic the sheep.

Great stuff! I played it for a long while making a death ball roaming the fields. It has upgrades. It has natural difficulty. Its got quests. Real good stuff.

I liked the golf-like aspect of farming, especially in competition with other farmers.

-A fellow farmer

I liked the idea of dodging a bunch of stuff along the way, and also that the combine would place the obstacles directly in front of me to keep me on my toes. I am also a fellow farmer.

I like the cute bear on top of the combine. I also like the money rolling in when harvesting a line of wheat. I'm also something of a farmer myself...

Some wacky story elements, interesting stuff.

I liked the idea of seeing the effects of the potions being if they survived their challenge or not. I felt bad giving a potion of crap to a noble knight trying to defend his family from goblins, and then for him to come back as a ghost. If I could control the outcomes of the potions a bit better, my guilt would be even worse.

I liked how it sucked me in. I caught myself really thinking through a good strategy for combinations.

I like the switching between the two styles.

I like the idea of zombie ants and snowballing a huge army.

I liked the roll effect of the player. It tool a bit to get, but the grapple/gravity mechanic was cool.

I liked the combination of the knight and the chest, the sprite was comical. The knight and the chest at the completion screen was an interesting addition, some lore behind that. Fun stuff.

I really liked the idea about combining timelines. I also had nothing happen after the boss, but assumed that was the current end. Took a while to realize, but I liked the fact that the fireball only works after the calamity which shows a bit of lore and mystery as to how the fireball was actually learned! (Maybe its a bug, but I like to think of it as a sneak-peek).


The corpses still pivot to the player

The trees are not YSorting with the player

The tilemap sometimes shifts while moving, revealing gaps between tiles

What is the password to the page?

This has a lot of potential. The dragging of the material to the  desired process like you did seemed intuitive.

I liked the accessibility and the menu transitions. The 3D objects in a 2D plane was cool.

I liked the concept of getting new abilities by combining other stuff.

I really liked the implementation of cinematics, and walking through the grass.

Thanks so much for playing! I really appreciate your feedback, this is great!

Thanks! Those are all good points, I appreciate them. I’ll use those in the future to make better stuff, this helps.

Thanks! The sandbags do look like onions, haha.

Thanks for trying it out! I shoulda made the rope more obvious. It blends into the wall pretty well.

Hi Aether95, I really liked the progress I made even when I died. It helped me get reacquainted with using the fists. I really liked the combat, the fast-paced kicking and slashing. Wall jumps were clunky but very nice to have. I liked running around for the weapons while beating up the enemies. This is a solid job!

Hi jonasmv, I liked the progression with the difficulty. At the flying monster I was sure it would swoop down or poop on me. Luckily it did not, haha.

Hi Ernesto, I liked the chickens eating corn and multiplying out of control. I just stood by the corn bin clicking as fast as I could.

Hi zacryol, interesting concept with the giant rock-paper-scissors idea of it all. A bit hard to keep track of what defeats what, but I like the uniqueness of the concept! Cool stuff.

Hi Urodela Games, I really like the running around fast and shooting stuff. Sometimes I would get on an isolated ledge and pick the enemies off one by one. The headshot mechanic was satisfying too.

Hi mikouaji,  I also blocked myself from getting the yellow gem, trapping me in the room. There is a lot of room for additions and expansion though. I do like adventure games very much.

Hi rhitakorrr, I liked the concept of exploding within 7 responses. I was nervous to talk to anyone, and the forced encounters were stressful. I exploded at the little girl. Apparently demanding the helmet doesn't get the job done.

Hi TreeTimes, I really liked the fluid movement. Gliding, climbing, and boost are my favourites, I feel like I can fly. Its great.