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Hello, we are looking for a website programmer to create a website for us. We are going to keep in short here, however, we will reveal project details in private.

Email me -

DM me on discord! - MsTeamDev#7746

(If you message me though discord, you'll get a faster response, however, I still will check my email)

That's really vague...

Huh, we don't see it, can you try again?

Hey can you email us at, we would love you to create an logo for us!

Hey! - We love your examples!

can you mail us at so we can chat futher?

Email sent!

Hey can you email us - We have something to discuss! - Thanks :)

Thank you, we are checking that right now. Sorry, we know it seems weird. We're so sorry.

Hey, do you mine emailing us? If you do our email is, we want to discuss something.

Hey, we are in need of a production assistant for our upcoming project - Project Details Will be Revealed in Private.

Email us here:

Or - DM us on discord: MsTeamDev#7746

Thanks, and have a nice day!

- MsTeamGames

Sorry we forgot to include our email

Email us at

Thanks! Have a Nice day!

Hello - We are looking for Voice Actors and a Female Murderous School Girl Cosplay.


We are looking for Male/Female voice actors. Must be 18 and up, also great microphone quality.

Project/Game/Job/Payment info will all be discussed in private - This project has not been announced.


We are looking for a female to cosplay as an murderous schoolgirl. This will be used in game and in the game promotional art. Must have a sailor uniform. Not required, However really helps: Great lighting and fake blood with a knife.


Hey - Can you email us? We have something we need to discuss

Email -

Hey - Can you email us? We have something we need to discuss

Email -

Hey - Can you email us? We have something we need to discuss

Email -

Hey, we got something we want to discuss!

Please email us at

Hey! - We have something we would like to discuss!

Please email us at

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Download The New, Free Demo.

Experience a high detailed world with enhanced post-processing effects. With of course, an expanded story.

Available Now to Download (Running Simulator - Demo by MsTeamGames (

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Thanks TO Everyone for downloading the game! = we reached over 50 downloads! thanks for your support!

- MsTeamgames

Running Simulator

We are also accepting feedback.

If you play the demo and have suggestions, ideas, or ways it could improve, email us. 

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Running Simulator - Enhanced and Expanded - Enhanced Story + Expanded Features.

Welcome To Your Story. 

When an alien has been ejected off his spaceship due to "Budget Cuts" and ends up in a prestigious town called Yamada City. he must survive the tough streets even if that means taking, drastic, bloody, gruesome, measures.

Running Simulator's allows you to experience eliminating various rivals with using various weapons/tools (Such as Knifes, Explosives,  etc.) and while roaming in various detailed locations! 

Download With The Leak Below, Downloading Won't Be Available Until 12:00AM

Running Simulator - Demo by MsTeamGames (

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Hello, we are MsTeamGames. a small indie game company.

We are developing a stealth game. At this moment, development is only %5 complete.

If you are Sprite Artists, Voice Actors, Composters, Character Artists, Web Programmers, Writers, and more roles.

Please email us if you are interested in helping us. If you want project or payment news, please ask by email us:  

If you don't have email or don't check, DM this account on discord:


Thank You for Reading This.

- MsTeamGames

Hello, We're looking for Writers, Composers, 2D artists, Voice Actors, and More. the project will be rev-shared. if you don't have experience, Who cares? :) Still contact us :^) I've written  what the roles mean.


Writes the game story, write characters backstory and more.

2D Artists

We need 2D artists to make characters and animations. Plus, other props.


Looking for voice actors to voice characters, Male/Females.

Please contact us at (

Or Contact me on discord (MsTeamDev#7746)

In the world of Japan, an 18 year old schoolgirl (Ayana) has an big crush on her classmate. "Senpai" and she was about to confess to him...however, an girl came along "Asana Nekimi, she started to become friends to him, she knew that that his friend has an crush on him. she had to stop her...She will do anything to win her heart...anything...

"Life of a Yandere" is an game about an Yandere girl trying to win with senpai, over the course of the school year. she will have 8 different rivals. Every Rival has an different personally then the rest.

We, (MsTeamGames) are looking for volunteers to help us develop an Yandere game, and release it for PC and Xbox (we also thanked about PlayStation®) and/or steam.

We are looking for people who are Talented, Amazing, etc. We have compiled an list of Jobs that the game would need to be our vision.

  • 3D Modelers (environment, hairstyles, props, character creation, clothing)
  • 3D Animators 
  • UI Designers 
  • Music Composers 
  • C# Programmers
  • Web Programmers
  • Voice Actors (Girl, Boy, English)

If you don't have any skills on the list above, Contact us anyways! we would love to see your work as well, so please provide us with examples, if you have them.

- Contact - 

Email: (Please add "Life of a Yandere volunteer) so we can't get mixed up.


Q: will this game be released for more platforms (e.g. PlayStation, Nintendo etc.)

A: We have been planning PC and Xbox for an while, but we think it's too early for More Console Planning.

Q: will volunteers get paid?

A: Maybe after the game's release date, All Volunteers will get an rev-share of the revenue.

Q: Is there anything else we need to know? or My question wasn't here!

A: Please email us questions about the job, we will be happy to answer! 

Have an great day!


Hello, we are MsTeamGames. we develop/publish 2D video games. and we release them on PC & Xbox. we are looking for an Game Tester to test game features, test gameplay mechanics. and also look for wrong grammar, broken features, and broken mechanics. and also find bugs.

We Can't offer payment at this time. due to budget reasons. However we can offer you, your name in the credits.

(Due to the fact that the game isn't released/published yet, we cannot share details about the Game and/or project. we will discuss in private. - Please keep in mind please put "Game Tester" in the subject line.

Thank you and have an nice day :)

- MsTeamGames