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the game was lovely. not sure if it was intentional or not but i really liked the whole vibe of invisible beings being there. kinda like the spiritual world from spirited away.

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Thank you very much! ^-^  again your game was fun! i also cant wait to see if you put in anything else seeing as there are chapters????

so turns out my new way of handling fear is flirting with the monsters XD

I did my best to point out some problems without sounding snooty but not sure if it worked. either way i really liked it!

1. the " dat ass scene" '3'

2. the try to seem like you approve of the poisonous cake scene.... ^/////^

3. the falcon punch choice. >:3

dude, that demo was amazing. the humor was pleasantly ridiculous and i loved the graphics! so far Beelzebabe is my favorite(he's such a sweetheart!) most of the time i feel neutral about a game but im actually very excited about this!

cant wait for the game! hope you have as much fun making it as the players will while playing it!(did that make any sense?)

i cried at every ending. how dare you!(i really loved this so much!) you have a fan in me.