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This was pretty fun. I didn’t particularly enjoy the spinning numbers, I felt like the short time frame was enough to make it interesting. Not being able to clearly see the numbers easily made me feel a bit cheated, if that makes sense. Otherwise, nice fun game with good aesthetics!

SkiFree was legendary, it was free after all lol. Give it a shout, an infinite mode would be pretty cool. Most of all, keep up the good work!

Hahaha, I’m just saying I don’t know what was in that candy. All I know that Santa ate candy and had a bad day XD. Nice, those Pokemon games were my favourite

I love that you ignored instructions and did your own thing. I’ll try to figure out a way for players like you to still accomplish the goals without having that first Santa talk. No matter what I do to put people down that path, I know that it’s in our nature to go our own way. That’s literally how I play lol. I’m glad you enjoyed it!

Thanks for playing this game, I’m glad you enjoyed it! I visited New York recently with my wife. One of the trips was going to the Nintendo store where I bought Brilliant Diamond - Pokemon vibes is my vibe haha. It’s the nostalgia, I always liked games that game me a feeling of exploration and freedom. This was my first attempt at doing that!

4D controls were more as a homage, I’ll play with 8D to see if it doesn’t affect the feel I want too much. 8D movement would likely be easier to work with when I make it mobile friendly though, I’ll see. With more time, I’ll add more things to the environment to make it a bit more varied - let’s see how it goes!

It is really really good for 2D. Admittedly, the tile map system is clunky to set up, but that’s more of a one-off cost. And thankfully, that’s getting a major overhaul in the next major version - which also contains some crazy performance improvements and features. Try it out! I’d say it was much a lot easier for me to make complex games in Godot than Unity. And Godot is a lot more resource friendly on my laptops than Unity.

Pokemon, Zelda and Final Fantasy (ok, Chrono Trigger/Cross too) made me who I am today. These were always the kind of games I wanted to make, with environments to explore - I finally settled on doing it. And yes, after a year of Unity I realized it’s not for me, and 2 weeks of reacquainting myself with Godot allowed me to have fun this jam. It was worth the switch for me lol

Thanks for playing, and for the feedback! I wish I get at least a week more on this to flesh out the vision haha. That’s good feedback on getting clues on what to do. I didn’t repeat the locations as a artifical difficulty, but I’ll change that.

Another change I’d like to make is adding some signs, NPCs and a bit more around the Christmas. Ideally, that would make the player want to explore some more. Really appreciate the feedback!

Awesome. I always loved games where I could explore things. I’m happily I could finally make one, some sort of sandbox for an adventure. I plan to add more to it!

Don’t sweat it, we live and we learn. But it did hurt haha

If you were superhero/villain in the Marvel universe, you’d be called Difficulty Man. Some of the levels are challenging, that’s becoming a trademark haha. I accidentally pressed “Back” while aiming to the side, and that was frustrating to start back at 1. Otherwise, it was pretty fun.

I really digged the skating mechanic, you gave me a good feel for speed. Moving back and forth was fun. It’s a nice play on the theme as well! Maybe a bit too easy for me, and I wasn’t sure how to quit the game lol.

I loved the game mechanics, and the character animation. Really good work, with a satisfying amount of game content.

The game doesn’t load for me when using the app, laptop running Windows 11

Blank screen when loading game in

I played it in the browser, pretty decent game. I took a while to get accustomed to the controls but after that it was pretty fine and a nice throwback to SkiFree

“Shame” LOL. I got the gist of it from the other comments, but definitely put some instructions on the page to explain what’s happening.

I like the player’s sprite a lot, and you did really well to create those levels in a short period of time. The collisions, jumping were off. And the controls were simple, but it’s different from other platformers on, I could imagine it isn’t the most intuitive for others.

Really loved the game mechanics. It’s addictive, sometimes unforgiving haha. I’ve accepted that Babylon.js will be on my radar - I won’t have time for it but it has my admiration. I love the use of space, the shifts in perspective and the emptiness work well. Given that you did this in less than a day, all the more impressive.

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Hello everyone! Massive shoutout to all who participated, those who were able to submit and those who couldn’t. It was an intense weekend and it’s awesome to see the games that came out.

It’s time to play and rate games! In this jam, rating is available to the public - anyone with an account can rate a game. Share and encourage your friends and communities to play all the games! The more feedback, the better.

When providing a rating, put a comment! Comments should give context to your rating: say what you enjoyed and what can be improved. And of course, be nice because we’re all humans.

Hola todo el mundo! Felicidades a todos por hacer un videojuego. Hacer un videojuego es dificilísimo, y estamos orgullosos de ustedes.

Es la hora de jugar y de calificar los juegos. En esta competencia, álgun con una cuenta de puede calificar los juegos. ¡Comparte su juego con sus amigos para recibir comentarios!

También, cuando está escribiendo un comentario - di lo que te gustó y lo que no. Y por supuesto, sé un buen humano.

The theme for this one is “Bells” - make a game involving them somehow. Consider it an early Happy Holidays? Lol

Hey, thanks for the feedback! That’s really good feedback. I think pretty much all my Phaser games are going to be rewritten in Unity, and there’s some thought on how I can improve the gaming experience - so I really appreciate your suggestions!

Good work! Had lots of fun with this short adventure. I prefer the free form controls more, but I like the throwback controls to the PS1 legends of the genre. Plus, got to love Godot!

Short, sweet and excellent aesthetics. Really well done!

This game was quick fun! Nice aesthetics and music as well, fit it really well

No worries, thanks for reaching out. Please change your password and be careful of what you installed. I’ll get you back in!

It’s super intriguing! I’m not done with the game as yet but I’m pulled to figure out all the puzzles. For a small space, you make it worthwhile to go back and forth and find things, place things etc. I like how interconnected the narrative is, I feel as if I know where the story is going and I’d love to say it played out

A few times the hitbox was a bit off, so I figure a couple of items I only found later because I revisited. Minor grievance for an awesome experience thus far!

Thanks! I wish I put more time to it, creating level was fun! I’ll put more time to it a bit later :-)

Chip’s Challenge… wow I haven’t seen that in ages! I didn’t even think about that game in so long! Thanks for making me spend time on it today haha.

And thanks! I was really pushing for a couple more levels with some new mechanics but couldn’t finish. I’ll spend more time on it to make it a longer, more varied experience. Thanks for the encouraging words!

Thank you! I couldn’t finish a couple of new mechanics for the other levels, so hopefully I can wrap up “my vision” lol

Thanks Kira! I definitely want more time on the graphics side of it, can’t wait to update :-)

Haha, thanks!

This was very cool! I loved the eerie feeling to it. Man I hated reflections haha, I don’t do well with horror. The mirror world was cool too. Lots to like here, great job!

First things first, it’s quite polished. I love the artwork and the mechanics are pretty cool. I read the comments before playing so I like that I was able to reflect the bullets. Not sure I would have figured that out without comments though.

So even after downloading the rar, the .exe file didn’t wasn’t running the game (you made me do an entire virus scan because I got scared lol). I was about to make a video to show you the error, and then it starts to work! What gives?

So… having played your game, well, even before playing, I love the art. Cute, colourful, really vibrant sprites!

The game mechanics are quick fun, with a good use of the theme. Great job! I may have missed it but a visible HUD with health for you and the enemy would be cool. And maybe the bullets can go quicker with time. In any case, I wanted a longer experience :-)

Just letting you know that I haven’t rated this game as yet because I’m planning to finish it, once I got the time lol. I’m hooked, really hooked. Stay tuned!

Admittedly, for someone who loves walking, I suck a lot at this game lol. I’m way too ashamed to go on the leader board. It took me a while but I’m getting the hang of it more and more.

Love the concept, controls were really loose for me on Pixel 4a, I don’t have a reference for other devices but I had to be really discrete with my movement. The visuals are pretty cool! All in all, quite good

I guess provide more detail on the device/OS being used to test, the creator may be able to help out :-)

This guide might be useful for you, it’s about how to make a single executable for Unity games: I followed this guide for my game! It’s not perfect, but works for most cases.

Using the app, I’m not able download/install this game, I had to do it on the website. Even after this jam, I figure a lot people will be turned off by not being able to install. Consider adding a single exe, or make a WebGL build

I think the NES philosophy is good, when the difficulty isn’t cheap or due to bad design. You got that balance well!