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Performance is an issue with these latest updates… there’s a difference between running and usable. In any case, Windows machine is complete!

Some files got flagged by my AntiVirus when unzipping. Maybe upload this be put into one .exe if possible? Also, change the file type of the upload to Windows, as it can only run on that OS.

Hey! Could you please remove the donation option and make it free to play for anyone? I’ll be sure to put it in the rules next time, but all jam entries are entirely free to play. Thanks

Good thing I’m building a Windows PC… Keep up the good work all the same

The art for this looks spectacular. I’m working on getting my rig setup, any chance this will be out for Mac?

Finally got my hands on it, worth the wait. The game is as good as the art! Keep it up :-D

Simple and fun, good stuff

No worries. It’s hard out here when you don’t got a PC lol

This was really good. I somehow managed to install the earlier version (maybe because I had this game in a tab for so long?) but the improvements in the update were well recieved. Good work! I love the music, the tutorial was nicely done and gameplay was simple. A few places I got bombarded by little red gremlins but it’s a nice experience

By chance, any possibility for your game to have a Mac/web version?

Unfortunately I’m not able to play on my Mac :-(

Screenshot of Mac error - App not signed

Hey Sulaiman96, thanks for playing! Yep yep, I wasn’t thinking enemies per se, I kinda like the “lab environment” setting. However, at the very least I wanted to add some lasers. The levels are missing something dynamic obstacles, so I’m working on that bit for the next update :-).

The music will definitely get some TLC. I didn’t put much time into it, and it’s the area of game dev I know least. If I’m lucky one of my friends who’s pretty good in that department would help out.

Thanks for the feedback!

I think this kind of platformer suits a “short run” styled level. Most of the original ideas had them short, but with more variations. I didn’t have that much time to code the dynamic parts of the level so I decided to make the last two more interesting.

I do want to add an tutorial as well. They will act as shorter levels with quick pay offs, and give players confidence and practice for the harder ones. I’m also thinking about zooming out. I think those changes would give a better feeling of “I just need to get to the door in this room”.

It’s good to know an actual range that’s ideal - thanks for this feedback!

That would be awesome! If not, I’ve given in and will get a PC sometime this year. Still can’t beat the reach of software on it + development is a lot easier on Windows now than it was before. For now, I’ll keep it in my collection :-)

Hey nsubordin81, thanks for playing my game. And I’m glad you enjoyed it as well! The spike collision is something I would like to improve, it’s currently a (smaller) box around the object. However, that makes it a bit less forgiving with the space on the side.

Thanks again for the feebdack!

Shoot, cross platform promises seldom go all the way haha. Android and iOS will work just fine :-).

And yep, on a Mac! Admittedly, it does make my game playing more limited… I’m mostly play indies so I’m happy enough with it

So many positive reviews. Any chance for a Mac or web build? Haha

No worries, good stuff mate

Hey dave99! The binaries are what you uploaded so we can play your game, the screenshot in my previous comment had the error I experienced. If you didn’t change anything, I guess sorted itself out!

I just played your game, you did quite a bit of work! 3 levels with different characters and different jumps - quick and easy fun to get into.

As an JRPG fan I’m accustomed to reading, but gamers these days are so impatient I’d be careful about the long introductory text haha. I didn’t get time to add much sound in my game jam entry either, but it makes a big difference, we both got to work on that! Also, when you complete the game, you can’t quit it by pressing “Q”.

Your game dev journey has started early, which is excellent. This game proves that you’re able to learn the technical bits involved. Keep it up and you’ll be great in no time :-)

This was pretty awesome, quick fun

Wow. Just wow. The worst part is that people like you probably sleep great at night. Good game

That’s testament to your work, I still got the game installed post-review lol. Looking forward to the updates :-)

The webgl build works well. And it has the most reach, by using a Mac I can’t play a lot of the windows only games.

Simple game that’s easy to get going. As the player doesn’t contorl the drops, the time they can play for is not really up to them. 4 seconds isn’t a lot to add. Maybe consider dropping more objects and faster too. Not only the speed increases the diffuculty, but with more things falling there’s higher risk/reward thinking about what to get and what to miss out on + more chances to catch a bomb.

Keep it up Ataxion :-)

Fair enough. I liked the mad dash sometimes but slowing it down would make me take less damage, and that’s probably isn’t a bad thing haha. Keep up the good work!

Teleportation? Interesting. Teleportation -> space -> spacetime -> time, is this another nod to the theme? :-D haha. I’ve read the other reviews after feedback, you’re doing really well with the feedback. Keep up the good work, I only expect more at this point

Hey Ataxion, you’re allowed to update your game to fix things during the voting period. And you can update your game using the ‘Edit Game’ link:

If you’re up for it, let us know! If not, that’s fine. There’ll be other chances for you to make and share

Seeing people play your game is the best feeling there is!

It took me a while but I finally got to your game and quite a few others today. I really liked it :-). Challenging but rewarding

Finally got around to playing this! Good work, I like the various mechanics that was added to this game. I wanted to move the game’s character a bit faster, but the levels were designed well for his abilities.

The dash felt a bit weird. The camera kind of skips to the player instead of following. And I died a lot during the first dash tutorial, he fell short a lot. I made it a few times as well but it never felt consistent for me. That could just be my skill level as well, but if it’s something others say maybe look into it.

When using the arrow key the controls are weird but using WASD made it more intuitive as all the abilities were in JKL. Good stuff!

This game was unique, don’t think there’s a similar one to it. Kudos on having the game mechanics slowly introduced, nothing felt too paced. Sometimes the collisions felt a bit off, like I got hit behind a wall (I seemed to be covered) and never got the hang of hitting back at the the turrets. However, it was fun! Good work

It’s so simple, it works. I like this entry because it makes me think of my effort and all the other effort people put their games. And honestly, a game could just be this lol. Good stuff

I tried to play it on my Mac using the app and only got a black screen. Not sure if this happens to anyone else but it removes a bit of convenience

Screenshot of game not playing on app

It works fine on my browser (Chrome). The mechanics are pretty cool. Good work there, I needed to use a real mouse to play but it was worth it. Graphics were good and the audio suited the somber mood of it all.

A few times I would jump through slanted platforms. It was a bit annoying because I felt that I made it comfortably but it didn’t detract too much from the overall experience.

There are a few games in this jam that are really polished and noticeably closer to being a game that could be shared wtih the larger community - this is one of them! The MC looks good, and was animated well. The audio is subtle too.

The gameplay is fun but it is hard haha. Kudos to you for crafing those levels! It took me a while to get used to each one. To be fair, my primary gaming genre is JRPGs so reflexes are not my strongest point lol.

The timer when you get the key kinda guaranteed I had to play the level again haha. As I mentioned before, reflexes aren’t my go-to gaming skill so I got better with practice, but it was frustrating to do a mad rush after I would think through my movements in the previous rooms. After many deaths, once I did make it I felt satisfied. Good work!

The mechanic is an excellent play on the theme. It changes what appears like a simple platforming exercise to one of planning.

The music and audio are very cartoony. That’s not my cup tea (personal preference, nothing to do with your game) but it didn’t get in the way of my enjoyment. Good work!

Simple, quick fun. I liked. I won’t repeat the feedback others gave you. I play a few shmups (shoot’em ups - that’s the genre it falls into) and they are sometimes faster paced. The trade off is that it’s hard to keep up. Maybe experiment with making things faster and slower to see if it make it more exciting. In any case, good work!

The story, art and music completely me sucked me in. I was planning to play a few games this night but unintentionally got stuck on yours haha. The bad thoughts are super quick, it’s hard to run past them but I got the hang of it. I’m surprised you all did so much in the month. Good work!

I’m no designer, I know the struggles haha. Keep up the good work!

The stop mechanic was used so well, I can’t fathom people not enjoying this game. The visuals are simple, but again you maxed out on presentation so everything feels right. Honestly I got no complaints, I had loads of fun.

In the words of Swoozie: 10 out of 10, IGN

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This was one of the most fun games I’ve played. Fast, fluid and hard. I don’t usually care for games that kill me a lot but I didn’t mind at all for this one. I got better after a while and had more fun!

The graphics and audio are spot on. If I had to criticize, maybe make the main menu as polished as the rest of the game? I’m kinda fishing for stuff to make it better haha. Proper fun!

I wasn’t able to play it on my Mac :-(

Screenshot of error trying to open Mac

Hey! I think the mechanics are interesting. I didn’t do well on using the touchpad so had to use a mouse to quickly left and right click just to be on the same platform with the first green door.

Being stuck to the wall was a bit weird. Is that a bug or a feature? haha. I rolled with it but it felt unnatural for a platformer. I’m in the same boat with sound, we definitely need to add that in. I hope you continue to work on it :-)