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Really liked the game! It didn't really scare me that much, but the atmosphere was incredible and I really liked the "grindy" aspects of it!

Really good stuff!

Although I'm not really into visual novels, this one was a BLAST! I loved the name references to real viruses and I really liked Melissa too!

Really hoping to see more from you! Good job!

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OH MY this is INCREDIBLE!!!!

I love the little resource management aspect of it, where you have to play the minigames and deal with... Some things.

The minigames themselves are fun and the art is amazing!!!!!

This sucks :( 

Well, at least you got to the stage where people start making knockoff versions of your own game lol

Anyway, great work!

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Even if it's your first horror game, this game is SCARY. The plot twist was super creative,  Lamu's design is horrifying, and the atmosphere is ON POINT.

Also, I loved that the map is pretty much the same in the 2D and 3D sections, meaning that the player can actually find itself even in the new perspective.

Can't wait to see more from you :)

Very cool update, really enjoyed how one of the tapes was expanded :)

THIS WAS SO GOOD! The surprise when the game suddenly turned 3D was great.

I had a growing suspicion throughout the cooking session about where she could find meat in an animal town.

Guess that question was answered lol

The camera and scenarios where incredible! Really enjoyed this little game.

Awesome concept!

Very short and sweet, I really enjoyed it!

You should consider updating it some day, cus it has a lot of potential :)

Oh, don't worry about that ;)

OOF Sorry for the late response.

Anyway, the game can be pretty random, so basically there's a very good chance that the "monster" simply did not appear at all.

Thank you for playing!

Thanks :)

Hi there! Thanks!

Looking back it definitely IS a weird game lol

Hi there! Thanks for playing!

This was so simple and yet so GOOD! The sprite animations are incredible considering the limited use of colors, and the gameplay was really REALLY fun! I never felt overpowered but also never weak. The balancing was really well done!

Really good game and experience! I have to say, the atmosphere was really on point!

I have a small pet peeve regarding horror game flashlights, and how 99.9% of the time they all really really suck and are not realistic at all, and I can say that in this game the flashlight is REALLY good.

This small experience set up some interesting things about the story and what I presume is the main character, but it certainly made me confused as to  WHY they're so interested in this specific location.

Either way, it got me hooked, can't wait for more! :)

I really REALLY enjoyed this one! The atmosphere was on point (I'm the kind of person who appreciates the fridge SFX lol), and the game was actually TERRYFYING!

Really good game!

Wow, this is INSANE! PICO-8 is never disappointing.

Incredible job!

Thank you so much!

Hey no worries, I believe you :)

Thanks for playing!

I really liked the aesthetics and what you did here ;)

Really great game!

The game is short, but it definitely gave me goosebumps!

Considering this is the first game you guys ever published, this is beyond incredible!

Loved the graphics and the sound design, and I found the "Good Ending" to be kinda funny lol

Overall great game!

dark lmao

I really liked the graphics and how things were laid out, specially in the house. Felt weirdly natural.

I also feel ashamed to report that I got small goosebumps with the jumpscare at the house.

Overall great game, can't wait to see more!

Here is how it works:

Basically, you have to boil your precious water, but while doing so, some undesirable things may appear. To avoid them, concentrate for a little while (around 4 seconds) and it should be gone. Rinse, repeat.

Now for hard mode:

If the thing shows it's actual face, just stare at it until it goes to another opening.

If it just shows it's eyes just concentrate like normal mode and you should be fine.

Just be careful, cus' hard mode IS kinda hard.

When I made this, I was a total noob at game dev. So yeah, sorry if the game isn't that clear on it's mechanics.

Have "fun" and good luck!

Oh my, this game definitely gave me a LOT of scares.

I actually kinda enjoy the game's art style and aesthetics :)

Can't wait to see more from you guys!

So... this game...

It activated my fight or flight response.

5 out of 5 GOTY

Hi there! Thanks for playing!

I'm glad you both enjoyed it :)

The game's aesthetic is SO nice.

I really liked the VHS filter + the style of the 3D models, everything just fits.

também acho legal ver outros BRs por aqui ;)

I'm really liking the new wave of VHS/old CRT's games that I've been seeing around here!

Also, the game is kinda laggy on my PC, but playable.

Good work :)

Pretty neat and satisfying game :)

Destroyed the sun in 10 minutes, which I'm not really proud of, but hey

I did it I guess

Well, it definitely was a good first attempt haha

This is wonderful! The puzzle mechanics are really unique and so good!

The art is very charming, and the sound design of the game is great!

I also really like how the game page looks :)

Words can't describe how impressed I am :)

ngl your video series helped me learn PICO-8 lol

Great game!

Ey, that was really cool!

The idea of the player snapping to a grid is kinda wonky, not gonna lie, but other than that, I really enjoyed using the  s t i c k  to move around and jump platforms! I think this mechanic can lead to some interesting level designs.

Also as someone who has used PICO-8 before, the sprite work is really good!

Hey, I just released a new big update for my game!

It includes a new game mode, 60FPS, new animations, and much more!

The game is about waiting for your water to boil, but you're not quite alone...

Can you survive with only your deepest thoughts?

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Hi! Thanks for playing!

About the adding and stirring noodles part, well...

If I ever make an expanded version of the game, I guarantee that there will be more stuff to do ;)

Thank you so much!

Thank you so much for playing! I'm glad you liked it :)