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We must imagine Sisyphus happy playing this game, and that's not too difficult to do because it's so much fun. My only gripe is that turning all the lights green doesn't turn them all off again, only for you to restart the climb...

I suck at strategy games so I quite enjoyed being able to spam whatever and win, fun stuff

Very difficult but a very cool idea, nice work!

This is definitely one of the most fun games from the jam. There's just nothing like grabbing one goon and lobbing him at another, great stuff

I love the concept! I can see it being applied to multiple different genres, not just dungeon crawlers

Love a good grappling hook, though the momentum being absolutely stopped dead whenever you grapple was quite jarring 

Really love the idea, though I agree with many other commenters that the answers were a bit obtuse. Level 2 took me ages to figure out, and it took me longer because I was looking for the simple solution you hinted at, which I (incorrectly) understood as everything I needed being on the information screen. The fact I spent so long trying is a testament to how engaging the game is though, so if you made it into a full version I'd definitely play it.

The hit boxes are pretty annoying but if you're into pixel perfect platformers it's cool

Cool concept, though it's hard to get the enemy shots into orbit though because they're too fast (and hard to see against the background)

Cool concept but quite buggy and not really playable since it seems to be multiplayer only. Wish there was a single player version 

Bit trial and error sometimes and it needs some polish, but I think this is my favourite game so far, great work! 

The enemy shots felt like they fired a bit too fast compared to how fast I could move, and everything else could be tighten/sped up a bit more (game over screen most noteably), but overall the concept and the execution is great! 

I think if you made a full version, weapon/music switching could be a fun addition and +1 to Ikkir's suggestion of enemies shooting during offbeats, it'd make it feel a lot more rhythmic.

Interesting idea, not sure if recoil movement works too well in an FPS though because you can never see where you're going when you're moving. Well put together though

Very cool, the slip-and-slide of the character is a little frustrating though

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Immediately slammed into the level geometry and starting flying around the place, so the gameplay needs a little work, but the art style is really nice to look at

The feel of the game and the mechanics are just fantastic, would love to see it fleshed out into a story driven experience of some kind!