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This game is 100% what I've been looking for in a game, although there would be some things that I'd change.

1. I ran out of trees to chop down. Maybe make seeds that you can plant

2. The berries in the game have no way of storage, maybe make it so they can be in a stockpile and then that will work towards feeding the village

And that's really all that's needed, and I understand this game is still in alpha, and I really do enjoy it, but I do wish for those 2 things. :)

Okay  thank you for answering! I'm probably going to wait for the Saturday one

So I understand you're essentially gonna market our games for us and we'll make a profit from it but I am joining in with 3 days left to submit so I can't finish the game I was planning but I could finish the basics. And I'm assuming the answer will be yes but can I make updates?

Thanks for telling me, I've been waiting for ages lol, can't wait to see more! :)

Where are the new levels? Are you working on them? Cuz we got more than 10 comment

This game was epikk

Is this a sequel to the other Better to Upload?

ya sorry

I can't wait to see the full game

The topic is black and white which means as long as it relates... You're fine, you can let your creativity go!

NOOO!!! It left us on a cliffhanger! PLZ comment everyone! I'd love 2 things with this game, 1. the music to be fixed, and 2. MORE OF THE GAME!


Whoa... This game got seriously deep, creepy, and messed up fast... Especially with those sounds of things moving in the background...

Okay thank you so much, I was just a little bit confused. Thanks!

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Hey, I'm sorta confused, I really like these sprites, and I was going to put them into a game, but if I put them in my game could I sell my game? I would of course give you all the credit.

This is a great game! It was fun, put together very well, 5 out of 5!