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The art is so hot and the story is also very intriguing and interesting and since I LOVED CtS and A hand in the Darkness I can't wait for this to launch!

Ur Tumblr said that it'll be released this october? I've been wondering if it's still coming out this year?

I really wanted to play this game but somehow I can't open it? I have the mac version and idk if it's my computer but do u know how to fix this?

I really liked the demo and am so excited for the final game! Burdoc is so cute :3

I hope this game is still in development because I´m in love with the art and story

I really liked the demo of the game and I wanted to ask if you guys plan on releasing it anytime soon ?

i loved the demo of the game and I'm so excited for the full game! Do you guys have an idea when it'll be roughly finished ?

will there be a demo available for mac? I´d love to test this game :)