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made a video. this game was hard XD

I love this game! I made a video doing a blind playthrough of it and fell in love. I wish it was longer though ^^

please make this for windows XD it seems so funny I'd like to make a video on it.

I tried to record this for my youtube channel but for some reason i cannot pick up the pages. I used every button and read the comments but nothing works. :/ Otherwise this was awesome ^^

i didn't know that :O that's awesome!

I did a video on this lol what a weird but fun game ^^ 

I made a video about this and had fun ^^ 

Ou! Thanks for the reply ^^ I loved the game for sure. I can't wait to see more :D

I did a video on this game. I love it! 

I did a video on this game as well as the first! I hope everyone enjoys :D I cannot wait for the 3rd part!

I did a video on this game and will be releasing one on the second game tomorrow :D This was a lot of fun and I think you'll enjoy my edits and stupidity.

:( awhhh dang it.

PLEASE make this online multiplayer.

Online multiplayer please :D

Any chance for online multiplayer?

is there a way to record the vr view? all i've seen is able to record camera but not first person like what i'd be seeing. Is there a way to select view first person or 3rd person for video purposes? in your gifs here on the page it's in first person but the game is in 3rd o,o

does this work with the vive?

any vive support coming? :)

I did a video on this game ^^ I got a little confused but had a blast playing it! I hope you enjoy :D