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Okay problem's solved, just closed the website and tried again, it seems it was just a bug.

Is it normal that I linked my Amazon Devlopper account by clicking on "Publish", but it always ask me to give the permission? I can't publish it with this.

So innovative and unusual! Loved the design very much :p


I published a small demo for the game Iode. I would really like feedback on it, so it thought you could promote it. I would really like it if you could link the game somewhere, maybe in the description. Thanks!

Thanks for commenting! I added the double-click to the instructions. No problem :)

To get the car to stop, click on the light when the car starts to move. When your on a bench, double-click on it to get out. It's missing a tutorial, but I was missing time :/

Haha :)

Almost 5 stars to all criterias! It wasa very good game, I enjoyed playing it.

I need to revise my spacemanners :) Overall all very good.

Good job! There wasn't any music, but overalls a good game. I had so much fun when reading dialog boxes! This was very cool.

Very original, I liked the concept in wich you can't move out of your circle. Good job!

Original concept. At first asked myself the controls, so maybe give them in start of the game. Also, maybe some more enemies types could be good, since for now the game's only about getting bored or not. But overall, the game as a very good potential, seeing forward evolving, if it's in your projects.

Oooooops sorry for this. I forgot to put it public haha

10 too

Well done! Interesting and original concept. Easy to learn, difficult to master. Good job!

Thanks! That's kinda generous from you :) If you could promote and give review on my game Iode I would be pleased.

Thanks for trying! Sorry for the game over bug, didn't know it was doing this xD. Also I've seen the glitch with the cracked wall. You use the bombs with the arrow keys once activated, and you shoot one at the cracked wall to pass. Thanks for the feedback, since it was experimental I didn't add music.

Hey, do you have a Discord or email? So I could give you access to more things without it being public. Also, continuing this discussion in the comments section is a bit long and not attractive for some people...

Hey EyeDisconnected. I would be happy if you could test the demo of my metroidvania-style game Iode. Since it's a demo, I would like to receive feedback.

Thanks for your time.

This is gonna be awesome. Well, cheers for making the game!

I put you in "graphical art", would you rather be in special thanks

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No matter, take your time, it makes better assets :) Okay, gonna add you in the credits of the game, you deserve it!

Hey there! I really like your asset pack right here! You can see in what game I turned it in: Village Valley. Just a question before I sell the game: do you want credits or is there any limitations? Anyway, you've done a great job! Continue on that way and I am waiting for the 4 varient areas :)

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Hello, I've been developing a game for a long time, and it's near its release, but I would like to receive feedback from 3-5 testers. So there's space for some people. If you are interested, you can contact me by mail: or join the discord server:

Here are some screenshots of the game

Hey, just opened myself a Discord server! It will be easier to communicate with you, players. You can ask questions, give feedback on games or just talk! Here's the link:

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Do you have a discord account? If yes, it will be easier to communicate. Here's the link.

Hey TheOslaf, I think that you've quit the discord server, so I reply here to say you there is a new update with a major improvement

I have two games for you to test if you are interested in them. They are mentioned in the email. It ends when you have the double jump :)

You're right xD.

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The day and night cycle are not short, we're talking 9 minutes for day and 9 minutes for night. Also I gave you the beta access right? It's a better version of the one you see on the screenshots, but elements of the screenshots are the same. Btw, what's A.S.A.P.?

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The tutorial is glitchy: can you give me the reason or a way to reproduce it? I'll try to fix it.

Too little animals? You wanna have more animals? Or bigger ones?

For the job menu, look at the arrows, you need to be fisherman before being diver. Also, above each column, there is the level required for choosing a job in this column. You can see in your inventory, above the level number, the job you chose. If it's not written "diver", it's because you didn't succeed to have it

Thanks for the feedback :)

Hey Tom!

Since you've included my game into your video and you said that you would like to see how it goes out, would you like to be part of the tester team? I'll publish the new version each time there is a major update. But, keep it for you, don't put it into your videos please.


Here's screen shots :)

"so many feature that haven't been done yet, so many bugs and glitch here and there" Could you give me examples?

It's on restricted, shouldn't it be accessible?

Hey, wanna have one more time YOUR feedback on this page for a new upcoming game: Village Valley.

Oh wow! That's awesome! I really like the trailer. You did a very good job. Did you liked the game overall or do you have any comments on it?

Thanks, but you'll need to give me access to download it please.

Just send it to me by email please: