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I put you in "graphical art", would you rather be in special thanks

Yeah sorry, I forgot to give you the password: VillageValley2018 No matter, take your time, it makes better assets :) Okay, gonna add you in the credits of the game, you deserve it!

Hey there! I really like your asset pack right here! You can see in what game I turned it in: Village Valley. Just a question before I sell the game: do you want credits or is there any limitations? Anyway, you've done a great job! Continue on that way and I am waiting for the 4 varient areas :)

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Hello, I've been developing a game for a long time, and it's near its release, but I would like to receive feedback from 3-5 testers. So there's space for some people. If you are interested, you can contact me by mail: mrquickgame@gmail.com or join the discord server: https://discord.gg/hhsh4Xq

Here are some screenshots of the game

itch.io Community » General · Created a new topic My Discord server

Hey, just opened myself a Discord server! It will be easier to communicate with you, players. You can ask questions, give feedback on games or just talk! Here's the link: https://discord.gg/hhsh4Xq

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Do you have a discord account? If yes, it will be easier to communicate. Here's the link.https://discord.gg/xM5wY9

Hey TheOslaf, I think that you've quit the discord server, so I reply here to say you there is a new update with a major improvement

I have two games for you to test if you are interested in them. They are mentioned in the email.

https://mrquickgame.itch.io/iode-beta It ends when you have the double jump :)

You're right xD. https://discord.gg/6TEX2kT

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The day and night cycle are not short, we're talking 9 minutes for day and 9 minutes for night. Also I gave you the beta access right? It's a better version of the one you see on the screenshots, but elements of the screenshots are the same. Btw, what's A.S.A.P.?

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The tutorial is glitchy: can you give me the reason or a way to reproduce it? I'll try to fix it.

Too little animals? You wanna have more animals? Or bigger ones?

For the job menu, look at the arrows, you need to be fisherman before being diver. Also, above each column, there is the level required for choosing a job in this column. You can see in your inventory, above the level number, the job you chose. If it's not written "diver", it's because you didn't succeed to have it

Thanks for the feedback :)

Hey Tom!

Since you've included my game into your video and you said that you would like to see how it goes out, would you like to be part of the tester team? I'll publish the new version each time there is a major update. But, keep it for you, don't put it into your videos please.


Here's screen shots :)

"so many feature that haven't been done yet, so many bugs and glitch here and there" Could you give me examples?

It's on restricted, shouldn't it be accessible?

Hey, wanna have one more time YOUR feedback on this page for a new upcoming game: Village Valley.

Oh wow! That's awesome! I really like the trailer. You did a very good job. Did you liked the game overall or do you have any comments on it?

Thanks, but you'll need to give me access to download it please.

Just send it to me by email please: pikysam@gmail.com

Send it to me by email please: pikysam@gmail.com

Created a new topic Some questions

Hey, I really like your game. So here's some questions:

1. Will the game release on itch.io?

2. How much will cost the complete version?

3.Are you alone or a team? If you are a team, how many are you? (Just by curiosity)

I had so much fun watching you play! Thank you very much, it gives me a hint to know how people think when playing the game. Also, if you are wondering, the resolution is small because it makes better artstyle, since I am better in drawing little than drawing bigger. I hope you had fun playing it and if you have more comments to do about the game (other than the ones you've said in your video) would be great to hear. I'll keep you up-to-date with the game if you want, and if there is words you have a difficulty with, it can be normal since my first language is french and not English :)

Created a new topic Bugs report

Post here any bugs you've found in the game. Please, use the following formulation:


Way to reproduce it


Pro I think. Ok thanks, here's the beta of the game: Village Valley Beta You'll need a password to access it: VillageValley2018 Please, respect the privacy of the password, or beta will close and change password. Any format is good, but mp4 is prefered.

Maybe, but I am on Windows 10, so Windows Movie Maker doesn't exist anymore.

It's not an animation. You know, like YouTube videos, or a trailer of the game if you want

The game is in 2D, but I would just to record some moments in the game and stick all of this together.

Studio Name:


Name Of Game:

Iode demo

Quick Bio of Game:

A 2D metroidvania-style game base on exploration and acquiring capacities to fight bosses. You need to exterminate the Tazure from the planet Varion, and many enemies will be in your way. Solve puzzles and rethink the way of playing.

How long the Game was in development and if it's still in development, early access, or complete:

The game is in development since 1 month and it's still in development. However, the demo is out.

Why you became a game developer in the first place:

I found it was a good way to use my imagination and I totally love creating my own worlds. My pleasure is to see people having fun with my games. I grown with games and always wanted to create one.

Hey, it's been a long time since I wanted to launch this game, but the only thing I am missing is a gameplay video. I have never worked with this before ad it's not my cup of tea, If somebody is interested in making a gameplay video for this game. let me know! I'll give you everything you need and give you access to the beta test forever (in the mesure you respects the privacy of the beta) in reward.


It's cool to see somebody like you promoting games. Since my games lack of feedback and are unknown, I can suggest them to you. So, the first one is Village Valley, a complete 2D life-simulation game. the second one is a demo, and I want feedback specially for this one. Iode is a metroidvania style game, but it's still a demo of 3-4 minutes.

Iode demo is released, but Village valley is a beta. you can't access the page now because of the password. Before saying the password, I would like to know if you want to play it.

thanks for your time and waiting for a response.

Created a new topic General questions

Post here questions about the game development or questions that don't fit in other categories.

Created a new topic Questions about the gameplay

Here you can post your questions about the way to finish the demo if you're stuck. Wil be a pleasure to help you!

Created a new topic Feedbacks

Here you can post your comments on the game. Any positive or constructive feedback is welcome!

Created a new topic Ideas and suggestions

Hello. Since this game is under development, I can take some ideas and suggestions to make the game longer and having more stuff in it. It would also be very cool. Good mind search!

Hey, it's cool to see somebody like you doing this kind of things. I can suggest you the demo of a game that is in development and I would like to receive feedback, from you or your viewers. The demo is about 3 to 4 minutes, and it's a metroidvania style game. Here's the link: https://mrquickgame.itch.io/iode-demo Have fun!

Hey, awesome game right here, with an enormous potential, cheers for making this game :) here's a suggestion: you could add a chest or a capacity in the upgrade menu to have more inventory spaces, because later in the game when you've progressed, it becomes difficult to take everything. Also, adding a description to structures could be a good idea. right now i am asking myself what does the generator do?

Posted in Some questions

Posted my game Iode!

Created a new topic Some questions
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Okay, I'e got two questions:

1: Can the game be a demo?

2: What do you mean by "plot" in the rule 4?