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I hosted a metroidvania jam and recently it finished. Everybody made awesome games, and even if there's eight short games, your really gonna have fun. Here's the link to all of the entries:

Hey Blis! I just hosted a game jam and the developers made awesome games! If you'd like to, it would be super cool if you could make a video about them. There're 8 games, all Windows playable. Here's the link to the entries if you'd like to make a video about them:

Thank you very much!

Hi there, I've been hosting the Metroidvania Month 2 and it ended recently. I would like to ask if there are some youtubers or streamers that would like to make videos on the awesome games they all made. Devs would really appreciate it. You can reply here or contact me on Discord on the Discord server: There is only 8 games and they're all running on Windows.

Hey Tom, I would like to ask you if you would like to make a video about the 8 games of the Metroidvania Month 2. Please reply to me if you do it, I want to tell the devs behind the games. Thanks!

The artstyle was cute, and I really like the music of the boss fight (even tho he was hardcore, died 3-4 times). Controls were simple, no need to tell about them, they're the usual ones. Here are some things that could be improved:

-Enemies on top of pits where you can wall jump are tricky, I needed to leave the mouse to be able to do the wall jump, but at the top the enemies hit me before I could get the mouse back.

-There is room to add more things, a bigger story could lead to more planets, more planets to bigger game, etc.

Hope you enjoyed the jam and good job with your game!

Graphics were gorgeous, highly reminds me Castlevania. We got a bit of story (from what I've seen so far). Musics were great. Here are some things that could be improved:

-A tutorial would be great, we don't get all the buttons, when I saw that WASD were the movement keys I tried the other keys around and found that J is for attacking. I went with my controller and it worked, maybe indicate the player they can use both.

-Some more indications on where to go? I'm stuck in the big computer room, next to what appears to be a broken pod

Hope you enjoyed the jam and good job with your game!

Lacks a bit of story, but I really like the combat system, you can attack right when walking left. Also, I love that shake when you hit an enemy, it makes you feel overpowered. Here are some things that could be improved:

-Make the player know on what weapon is used. It could be a white square around the weapon or an arrow

-Having some checkpoints could be great too

Hope you enjoyed the jam and good job with your game!

We got a story, cool graphics, audio that fits with the areas...what to ask more? Bosses are cool and look like they're gonna destroy you in one minute. Bugs particularly reduced gameplay and general, but I got nothing to say about the rest! Make that game evolve and correct these bugs I WANT TO FINISH IT. Gonna say what you could improve on Discord.

The music really fit with the game, and the metal background and walls makes us feel like in a real ship. I don't know if there's an end, I just got the feeling I was always doing the same thing so I can't say xD It was also great to have a little story at the start to give us more context. Here are some things to improve:

-Controls and the way the ship moves are a bit weird

-I don't know what the yellow bar is used for, maybe some more indications

-I also don't know if there's a boss fit, it would be great

Hope you enjoyed the jam and god job with the game!

A less raging game finaly xD Really loved the gameplay, the energy adds much more difficulty to the game (even tho I don't really understand how it works). I went to the Slime King and to the bees, but I'm pretty sure there's much more behind it. I also noticed a little bug with the screen, when I clicked go to last camp the black screen only covered a part of the game window. For sure it is a game I would like to finish and see evolve. Here are some things to improve:

-A story would clearly fit in

-Some indications on the energy and food system

Hope you enjoyed the jam and good job with your game!

Y'all made rage-themed games xD I really loved the gameplay, the audio was super pleasant. Still not figured out the troy battle, and wall jumps with spikes were really a pain. I'd like to see how the game will evolve too. Here are some things to improve:

-A more detailed tutorial

-A story would really add something to the game

Hope you enjoyed the jam and good job!

I don't know if I added the theme rage to the jam, but I pretty much did xD (couldn't finish it btw so just gonna judge on what I've seen) Super good game, I loved the game and I would really like to see it evolve. Here are some things you could improve:

-A more detailed tutorial

-A scenario

Hope you liked the jam and good job!

I love the game in general, but I feel like the gameplay could be improved. The fact that the ship will go forward in the direction of the mouse makes the game hard. I would feel like W goes up and etc. would be better as gameplay.

I like it! The thing is that since the blue power up have a smaller range you need to get closer to the enemies, but when doing that, they can spawn on you and kill you that way.

Good artstyle, and particularly loved the dodgeball game!

I love the game mechanics, and the game is so addictive! And I hated the fact you can't go in the opposite direction or you die

Addictive game, reminds Crossy Road. I think that the green cubes spawn at a random speed, so sometime it makes them do a "barrier" on the road, sp you litterally can't travel it. You could consider having a pattern.

I love the game simplicity! It also remembers well pac-man in a different style

It goes out of the routine! Very original, loved the gameplay. There is room for adding new things, keep it up!

Didn't understand much, but it was overall pretty good. Also, my score never get send, don't know if it's my fault.

I love it, there's is room to improve, and also music could be great.

Okay problem's solved, just closed the website and tried again, it seems it was just a bug.

Is it normal that I linked my Amazon Devlopper account by clicking on "Publish", but it always ask me to give the permission? I can't publish it with this.

So innovative and unusual! Loved the design very much :p


I published a small demo for the game Iode. I would really like feedback on it, so it thought you could promote it. I would really like it if you could link the game somewhere, maybe in the description. Thanks!

Thanks for commenting! I added the double-click to the instructions. No problem :)

To get the car to stop, click on the light when the car starts to move. When your on a bench, double-click on it to get out. It's missing a tutorial, but I was missing time :/

Haha :)

Almost 5 stars to all criterias! It wasa very good game, I enjoyed playing it.

I need to revise my spacemanners :) Overall all very good.

Good job! There wasn't any music, but overalls a good game. I had so much fun when reading dialog boxes! This was very cool.

Very original, I liked the concept in wich you can't move out of your circle. Good job!

Original concept. At first asked myself the controls, so maybe give them in start of the game. Also, maybe some more enemies types could be good, since for now the game's only about getting bored or not. But overall, the game as a very good potential, seeing forward evolving, if it's in your projects.

Oooooops sorry for this. I forgot to put it public haha

10 too

Well done! Interesting and original concept. Easy to learn, difficult to master. Good job!

Thanks! That's kinda generous from you :) If you could promote and give review on my game Iode I would be pleased.

Thanks for trying! Sorry for the game over bug, didn't know it was doing this xD. Also I've seen the glitch with the cracked wall. You use the bombs with the arrow keys once activated, and you shoot one at the cracked wall to pass. Thanks for the feedback, since it was experimental I didn't add music.

Hey, do you have a Discord or email? So I could give you access to more things without it being public. Also, continuing this discussion in the comments section is a bit long and not attractive for some people...

Hey EyeDisconnected. I would be happy if you could test the demo of my metroidvania-style game Iode. Since it's a demo, I would like to receive feedback.

Thanks for your time.