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We got a story! Yesssssss! Gameplay is very simple, graphics are simple but nice, the music goes perfectly with the atmosphere. Felt really nice to play! Hope it become a big game!

Wow! Controller support! Awesome! The music is nice and the gameplay is simple. Awesome menu, simple but cool art. Great game!

I like it! Took me a while to figure out that we use the arrows to shoot, but after that, it was really fun! Good job!

Very original idea! I was telling myself how smart it was to have an horizontal stretch to take the kind of elevators. Music wasn't bad, but a bit repetitive. The gameplay was good, a bit hard to use the strech using the mouse. You could add something to tell the player in which stretch mode they are. Good work!

Bonus point because Construct 3 Enjoyed the game, the music felt a bit repetitive, but was still good. Using WASD to move but W to jump was a bit confusing at the beginning, in most games Space is used to jump when playing with WASD. Graphics felt nice too. Good job!

No prob, I'll write it on the next jam's page.

It's normal, I'm the only one able to vote.


Figured out for the form. Now I'm trying to understand about the pics. I looked deeper into dpi, and it seems like I can't know the measurement in pixels of the picture without having the cm size. So I don't really understand which resolution (in pixels) I should send xD 

Hum... I downloaded the Word form from your website, but I can't modify it to complete the form since the file is in read-only (tell me if I misunderstood something). Do we also need to fullfill the "date and signature" at the bottom? Last question (I think), my game's files' size is superior to 20mb, so can I send a link to download the files instead of sending it (since emails can only take files less than 20mb).

To participate, we need to complete the word form on and send it by email along with the game's files? Just want to be sure.

Got a little question: in the part 5 of rules for submitting a video game, it says "All prizes will be awarded in Strasbourg during the Festival. " So we need to be there to get the prize?

Interesting way of making a clicker game. I don't really see the goal of it, but it was good. 

No music, no upgrades... I don't really see a goal. The idea of clicking on the green squares randomly appearing was good tho. Good game.

Totally got the theme, simple and realistic game, really liked it. Good work!

Liked the music, it was also very addictive. Got the theme, good graphics. Only find it sad that I can't get the mystery box, guess I'll go see the video. Good job!

I loved the combination of a farm with a clicker! Very original idea, really liked it. Only missing music. Pretty sure it can become a big game. Great game!

Took a bit of time to understand, and still not sure I completely understood, but I clicked on every button and launched the game and got money, so I guess I progressed. I really liked the music. Good work!

Original idea, a bit long, but liked it overall. Music was quiet and it only was environment sounds.

Very addicting! Green was really respected, I also loved having the stats panel below, nice add.

Simple, addicting, can get a nice loop easily. Nice game!

Very original idea! It got addicting, and I love the shop menu. The music maybe is a bit repetitive, but apart from that, it's great!

I'm using Chrome on Windows 10. I can try Edge, Chrome causes some problems sometimes

Huh, I don't know if you saw it, but I think there's a bug. When you're overlapping a skill, it gives the description of the one 2 square left and 1 up

Simple game, easy to play. Didn't hear music sadly. There is room to add plenty of things. Thanks for your submisson!

For a Nokia inspired game this felt cool! The end was surprising indeed. Pure simplicity, but still an enjoyable game. Felt a lot like metroidvania to me. Good work!

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A Mario reference? I don't see what you're talking about xD Cool game, the audio feels nice and the gameplay is enjoyable (would have liked controller support). A map would have been great also.  There is really short range for the swords though. Switching rooms is also a bit harsh, once I entered a room and landed on spikes. I liked the medieval theme of the game. Great job!

Cool game. Liked the art style. However, we don't get a story and sfx without music can get a bit annoying. I also don't know why we are the ones bouncing when hitting an enemy. Could become a great game. Thanks for the submission!

My that game is awesome. I loved that falling cutscene where we get to know why the game is called like that. Controls are a bit hard, but dang graphics and audio make me forget about that detail. Awesome game, I hope it'll become a big game (if you plan on selling it)!

Tried it again, and I got the music this time. Thanks for telling me!

This made me think of Metroid so much! I love it! Graphics are cool, the JKL keys made me uncertain at the start but it plays really well! Would have loved to hear music and a story would have been a cool improvement. Do you plan on making it a big game? Great work!

Enjoyed my time! The gameplay is really innovative and I really liked it, I wanted to continue playing! Audio was good as well as graphics. Great job!

I loved that one! Easy to play, autodestruct if we're stuck, awesome graphics and effects and a story! The only thing that was missing was music. Awesome game! (Also laughed when I saw the suit copyrights xD)

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Less buggy than the last Aether Knight submission, good job! I loved the music and the graphics. We got a bit of information about the character, and it plays well on browser.Here's a lil bug: when your over a door, there's a "A" letter that appears (behind the ground btw), however, pressing the key doesn't do anything. I needed to press A on my controller for it to work.

Really cool game! Consider using WASD if you want the player to use the mouse at the same time. It respects the theme of metroidvania, ang has cool physics. Some enemies can sometime be hard to dodge, but it adds challenge. Could become a great game. Here's a bug I found: if you die in air, the character will play it's animation and lay on nothing. Good work!

The art is really good. The enemies and controls feel a bit too hard. Controller support would have been a big plus, since alterning between A and S feels hard on the fingers. Didn't hear music, but loved the fact that we get a story. Also, I don't think we can get that life on top of the first level. Maybe I'm just dumb and there is something after that. Good job!

onooooooooo testing mode xD Really liked the game, would be happy to see how the game would be if there wasn't infinite jumps. Also tried playing with a controller, but it seems like I couldn't do anything apart from jumping. I think it's because the moving was assigned to a stick and not a d-pad. If you don't use a stick or the d-pad maybe make it for movement? That way if somebody doesn't have a stick they could use the controller. Really like the music, and the sfx sounded retro. Has room for improvement and more content. Great work!

P.S.: Got to the end :)

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Cool game! I got very engaged and wanted to get the 5 upgrades (which I did achieve), and the game has an interesting concept, and has ways to improve it to make it even more original. And thanks a lot for controller support, +1 star in gameplay. It lacked a story and graphics, and I would suggest a menu or something to tell the player how many upgrades he has, maybe an end too? Also tell the player in someway that they damaged the enemy. It could be by flashing the enemy or a sound.

P.S. The fly bug mentionned by Psy is real, got to do it too. Also noticed a bug using this; in the kind of pipe under the purple upgrade, you can use this bug to gain speed and go through the floor, making the process to get the purple upgrade faster.

Huuuuuh did I miss something or there really is only those three platforms and the red cube (not forgetting that awesome OH SHIT)

Cool little game! Little sound effects, cool menu music. I like the fact that we could see the level with the echo, but it was too unlimited. Making it limited could make the game more challenging. Also, there's a level where you get the light, and when you try to jump to your left, the platform above is solid and makes it difficult to jump. Good job!