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Thoughts on a steam release?

Thoughts on a steam release?

As far as erotic games go this is literally one of the best.  The sex scene animations are really well verging on a masterpiece of erotic art.  However, what really does it is the writing.  I play a lot of these games and most seem clearly written by people that have no concept of how to write erotic dialogue or narration.  These scenes are all written just so well that it greatly enhances the visuals.  I would say this is easily the best erotically written game. 

The only issue I have...and I feel it's a big the utter lack of choices in the game.  I want more control over the story and the ability to decide who I have relationships with and what sex acts/kinks I engage in.  I also feel the MC comes across as a sociopath/psychopath in  most of these scenarios which I find disturbing.  I would have much preferred a submissive path for the MC with dominant female sexual interactions.  I just feel it's a shame, because while their are like 1000's of these types of games the amount of quality ones probably at best number a bakers dozen and this is easily in the top 3.  I feel the linear nature of this story just holds it back from not just being a great sex game, but a great videogame over all.

Same this is easily worth $10-$20.

This game continues to be great.  I still wish the game had more choices so their can be a submissive route and a dominant route.  Even the route with Berry which seems to be the most submissive is still pretty light on femdom aspects.  She is constantly giving blowjobs at like a seconds notice and her punishments seem more along the lines of giving the MC even more blowjobs and intercourse.  The other 3 women even initially coming off as dominant end up being very submissive.  It has the same problem as "Quickie Love Hotel" where the content that exists is great, but their aren't many kinks represented and both are mainly for a player that basically wants a male dominated harem experience.  Of the two this is clearly the more erotic/kinky game at the moment.

Any chance of this going to steam

The quality of this is high enough that it should really be on steam for like $10-$20, it is drastically better than almost all eroge games on steam.

Any plans for femdom content

I would also like to see femdom content, their is just a massive lack of any femdom content in every single sex game i've ever played except seeds of chaos.  

Is this coming to steam?

Sounds good, I'll certainly get the game once it's on steam, goodluck!

Is this ever going to be on steam?

Not sure what your plans for version  .7 are, but a puppy mode would be nice with leg humping, panty sniffing, and other puppy commands.

You are just crushing it!

Another great update!  I still feel this should be on steam due to the high quality . 

Do you have plans to put this on steam?

Any plans for steam?  When it comes to early access games, I am more willing to pay for them there then on Patreon or Itchio. 

Will this be coming to steam?

Are you planning on putting this on steam as well?  

I think you should seriously considering putting this on steam, I would definitely pay money for this if it was on steam (I have steam credits so i more readily purchase games on steam then using my credit card or pay pal on itch or patreon)

Will this be coming to steam?   I'd def pay for this game as i have a bunch of steam funds and i just can't justify spending money on in development games otherwise.

1. Does this game have female dominant romance options

2.  Is this coming to steam?

Much appreciated, i eagerly await the steam release!

This might sound weird due to the description of this game...however I wanted to confirm that this game does have a playthrough where your character can be submissive, stay submissive and actually be dominated?  I have found in most of these games the male character almost immediately becomes extremely dominant and their is never any submissive path playthrough and all decisions end up being just how much more dominant do you want to be.

Does this game have femdom content?

Much appreciated, very few games offer any female dominant relationships and kinks.  I purchased the game as soon as I read your reply, hope you develop more of Victoria in the future.  Thank you!

Does this game have female dominant romance options and kinks?

So I’m not sure if you are looking for feedback, but if you are I believe I’ve completed all current content.  First I would say this is a fantastic game that you should really be putting on steam with at least a $10 price tag as it’s ludicrously better than like all eroge games on steam except for probably Seeds of Chaos.  I would certainly buy it on steam (I have a lot of steam credits so I much more readily buy early access games on steam as opposed to other platforms, I assume other people are similar.)

I think at the moment what for me would greatly increase how highly I rank this game would be if it really allowed for a submissive path play through as there are so few games with female dominant romance options.  This game already seems to have the ground work done, but at the moment this MC quickly moves to dominate all the females in the house.

This would also allow you to add more choices by having each romance have 2 options.  A version where they are submissive and a version where they are dominant based on prior choices you make in the game.  If you really wanted to round out the game you could do even a third choice where it’s all more vanilla options.  

The start could have you so horny for release you agree to submit to a female character for release but if you continually refuse to submit then the game could change to where you are the dominant instead because the female characters have become so horny and desperate you’ve essential outlasted them.

You can then also diversify the characters far more by associating each with a particular sex/kink act.  While i feel each character is already fairly clearly different the sex acts for each are fairly similar and it would be good to make their differences clearer.  This game already sets up the female dominant archetypes so well.  You have Berry as the Mommy/Gentle Domme, Emma as the Bratty Domme, Serena as the more classic well rounded Domme, and Valerie as the Bitchy Domme. 

Berry can then be focused more on chastity and tease and denial.  Serena can focus on pet play considering she constantly calls you a pony.  Emma can focus on humiliation/degradation.  Valerie can focus on S/M.  You can then flip it if the MC goes down the dominant path and have for example in Emma's case the MC can humiliate and degrade her.  Then also add in far more sex acts associated with those kinks.

Ultimately you can even have extra endings where maybe 1 ending deals with you being sexually submissive to all women instead of just 1 or sexually dominant to all women instead of just one.   I think doing those things would definitely give a lot more choices and variety to the game which in these early stages is what I feel is missing.  Just my two cents, sorry if I’m out of line.


Is this still coming to steam?

Sounds great, my wife is looking forward to see the thighjob scenes!

Does this game have female dominant romance options and kinks.

Does this game have female dominant romance options and kinks?

Are their any female dominant romance options?

I plan on buying this as soon as it's released on steam whether that is early release or full release.  However, I was wondering are any of these romance options going to be a dominant?  I would certainly prefer a more kinky dominant partner.  

I really just wanted to say thank you for making this game.  It has greatly helped my sex life with my wife.  We use it quite often and appreciate that it works so well to be used with a partner.  You have clearly put a lot of work into it and it shows.  I mean it is just ludicrously better then all other JOI games out their.   I do wish this game was on steam as I just like all my games to be in one place, also I feel you would probably get a lot more people purchasing your game if it was on steam.  I can not stress how poor quality the JOI games are on steam...and people still seem to be purchasing those.  Keep up the good work, my wife and I look forward to v 0.6!