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Thanks for playing!

Hey, just tried it out again and it was fun! I got stuck on level 6, I was able to press the 2 outside buttons, but did not get a 3rd block? Or maybe I just did it wrong? Either way fun game!

I have fixed the missing dialog issue.

There is a dialog that is missing, you need to collect 3 gems to open the door and then you win.

The game looks good aside from the viewport being a little small. The platforming takes a bit to get use to.

I tried to play, but was stuck on a blue screen?

Nice Game! I like that it just places you into the next game type when selecting play again. Felt kinda like wario ware.

Fun game, I liked level 3 the most!

I liked the different types of gameplay! I noticed that I could avoid the sharks in level 1 by staying in the bottom center, and I was able to press all arrow keys rapidly for the final level and still hit the notes.

I really liked the look and atmosphere of the game. Very pleasing to look at.

Very creative use of the assets and nicely polished look! The steering controls were a bit wonky for me.

I like the idea for the game, but it was too difficult for me.

Fun game! Not sure if there was suppose to be sound, but it felt like something was missing.

I liked finding the squid under the waterfall! Very cool concept for the jam!

Very fun and engaging game! I like the pop-up congratulations at the end!

I like the puzzle this provides. It feels like a 3D word search!


Fun idea, but not very forgiving with jumps, and I would be damaged when I hit the ceiling?

Fun concept, found it difficult to control in browser because the mouse kept escaping the game view.

I like the idea and the mini games were fun. My favorite part was naming the pet!

Looks like a fun game, but I could not figure the PE teacher puzzle. I picked up the head, but then I set it down and couldn't pick it up again?

Fun game and I like the look of it too! The player felt a little too slippery, but fun experience overall.

A little difficult to aim, but good job finishing!

I like the shooting head!

I like the concept and look of the game. I might just be bad at it, but it was pretty difficult.

Thanks for playing! I know the platforms aren't the best, if I had more time I would change them to be less annoying lol

Thanks for playing!

Very polished look and I really like the concept!

I enjoyed the strategy of the combat, very fun!

I like the look and lighting of the game. The sound effects are also very satisfying!

Thank you for playing!

I didn't even think about the tombstones, I will keep that in mind for next time.

The launching onto the trees is something I new about. Might be weird, but I like finding stuff like that in games so I left it in lol

Thank you for playing! Never thought anyone would make a video playing through one of my games, it was fun to watch you play!

Thank you for playing! The platforms don't work 100% perfect. Might be something I adjust later.

Very fun once I realized how the different sides were connected!

Just uploaded a new version that should fix this issue!

Thanks for playing! I'll add a fix to it and reupload!

The text and player walking animations are good. Not much else to it though.

Yeah, the boss battle was one of the last things I was able to do and it is definitely not perfect! Thanks for playing!

Thanks for playing! I ran out of time to figure out sounds and fix some other stuff... Just glad I have something that could technically be called "finished" lol

Very polished look. Took me a second to realize what was going on, but then I started clicking wildly and now I have thousands of dollars.