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Mr. Heating

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Climbing or touching the wall before dashing is not required, I do it in the videos for precision, but the first time it was an airborne dash.

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You can also just hold the box and float on it. Also thanks to the pause mechan… bug you can throw/shove boxes with you.

Any chance for a native Linux version as well? Considering that it’s in Unity and already runs on both Windows and MacOS it shouldn’t need more work than simply exporting it accordingly.

One thing that bothers me way more than it should: scrollin in the about section with the mousewheel is painfully slow.

NVM, it also works by going to the library and right-click → launch.

All right, so it only works if you click the recent download button, not by any other means from within the itch client.

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If you are considering another game engine, I highly recommend Godot. It is a very competent engine, that does not bind you to any license due to its open source nature, with a programming language similar to Python (making it one of the easiest ones to learn), but also allows you to create simple things without any coding.

And it has a solid exporting system, meaning you can build your projects for any modern platform (including mobile) usually without worries.

It has many more perks but I don’t want to make this sound like an ad :)

Try running

sudo apt install libgconf-2-4

in your terminal. After putting in your password and confirming by typing Y (May vary in your system language) it should install the missing library. At least that’s what did it for me.

Also judging by the borders of your window, your Ubuntu installation is outdated. you should upgrade to the latest version (20.04 as of now) when you can.

Doesn’t seem to work with the sanbox though.

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Huh. I was trying the native thing but I downloaded the game “manually” through the itch client, which initiated the installer, so I downloaded the recommended version through that and now it works out of the box with Wine 5.12. The borders are custom and scaling only makes things blurry, but other than that seems functionally fine.

I think that you’re mixing up hard and realistic,as both things can exist independently.

It certainly doesn’t feel realistic to just zoom at least 20m below in an instance, and I’m talking about the very first drop.

Yep, works much better now, thanks :)

Ok, so you know how many games make the mistake of having their physics too ‘floaty’? well here it’s the exact opposite problem.

interesting idea, rather immature gameplay. Being able to deflect the shurikens would be a minimum for me. But a working Linux version is awesome.


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Holy sheetballs, that’s the best of this jam I’ve seen so far. By far.

Only complaint is that you might get out of bounds and die tying to go back.

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Nice execution, hard gameplay and a working Linux build, now we’re talking :)

Also, for the future, if you ship executeables to Linux in an archive, pick a format that preserves file permissions, as you need a certain permission to be executed. .tar.gz would be a good choice, as it works natively on all UNIX based systems.

Also also there’s a bug that doesn’t let me restart, it’s just insta-loss.

I love the originality and the cover art

Interesting take.

The shots sometimes terminate at the sides without damage.

Says Linux and Mac build, butt there’s only Windows.

Short question: ever heard of sizing the hitboxes according to the sprites’ visuals?

Reminds me of many things you’d find in the better Undertale fangames.

Your page shows Linux and Mac support, but there’s only a .exe file.

Straightup doesn’t work, unfortunately.

I’m a fan of the idea, but I wish there were some presets, because as a player I have yet to understand the dynamics while already picking specific things.

I experience the same behavior. The application appears unresponsive to the szstem and Steam is instructed to launch the same game. and it looks like, if you resume too quickly it’ll just hand indefinetly.

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Yeah, the problem is the 32-bit variant of libgtk2.0-0 aka libgtk2.0-0:i386 missing by default. For now it’d be best to just include it as a dependency.

sudo apt install libgtk2.0-0:i386

for one’s terminal novice needs. Also libgtk2.0-0:i386 is itself dependant on libatk1.0-0:i386 libgail-common:i386 libgail18:i386 (not relevant for you, akirassasin)

Also the game crashes if I try to press [F1] to configure controls, as the settings menu suggests.

Thanks a bunch. Also for me the Itch client downloaded the 32 Win archive by default, could you influence that somehow? At least indicate which build is what because it just says OneShot on the Linux build.

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Hey, just wanted to say thanks for releasing this game on the Bundle for Racial Justice and Equality. I was a huge fan ever since the firs Demo came out, but unfortunately 15$ for a game is not something I’m in the position to spend.

Thank you for giving me and others this chance, even though you had 0 obligation to participate.

Literally the first thing you see when pressing the nuy option is that bundle games do not provide Steam keys.

I’m glad I could be helpful. Thanks for making this, it’s rare something that doesn’t have an elaborate story is so pleasan’t. I’ll be watching. :)

Is there any chance for Linux support?

I don't mean to pressure or anything, just wanted to let you know that I'm another voice interested in a native build. My experience with Unity games is that Linux builds are usually functional from first attempt (unless you rely on low level calls for platform exclusive features like DirectX/Metal or external binaries)

Also you have the same Steam link in the "more information" tab twice.

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This is such a breeze! Thanks for the game and for the Linux port especially.

I love the cute artstyle and it's atmosphere, the abstract nature of what's happening and the fitting music. I can easily see myself coming back now and then for when I need something to unload my brain.

I'm also a fan of the execution - small filesize (I'm sure one could still go significantly lower with the propper tools but that's besides my point), run at FullHD 60fps on my rather old by today's standards and back than entry level mobile GT 735M.

(for comparison the iGPU on a 3rd gen Intel Core i3 is about 75% as powerful, according to my testing with SuperTuxKart)

I love how the controls do feel just as sluggish as the character looks, yet the atmosphere makes it hard to get frustrated with them.

Now to my favorite part, the issues. Honestly most of these are just a matter of polish.

  • During startup (after the resolution and control dialogues) the system reports that the application isn't responding despite it going on in the background with the intro animations. I'm not quite sure what can be done here.
  • As mentioned by others, Fishes' rotation center seems a little weird
  • The input tab of the config could use some cleanup, e.g. remove the "fire" options, rename "jump" to "dash" etc.
  • The "main menu"'s clickbox is too big and overlaps most of the "options"'s button's.
  • I wish the URLs in the credits were clickable and the text copyable. If you decide to include this, please don't forget to use https:// instead of http://
  • Something you most likely couldn't foresee - but the background is not makes it hard to read NVidia's fps counter in the top-right corner, as shown here:
  • I think the up and down arrows should be greyed out to indicate that they're not used.

If it's not too much of a hassle, could you please also make an Android build? I'd love to share this game with my 5yo brother, who, obviously, doesn't have an x86 machine.

Another minor wish of mine would be different themes, like sunset/night, with different backgrounds, choosen in sequence.

Also please add to the page's details that it's made with Unity and an indication that the packages are 64bit (and Unity's exact version to the description)

To sum it up - 9/10 execution of a simple idea with just a few technical hiccups

OpenGL 4. works, but the usual .sh and Vulkan_Lowend doesn't (NVidia driver 440, GT735M) don't. Furthermore it doesn't seem to detect display resolution changes.

There were in the game files. Not sure about now.


I play the game with Wine on Linux, my Hardware supports DX 9.0c, I think. It worked with previous versions.