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Friendly suggestions: end the demo with a bang, make it memorable. Also do something with the note templates, either remove them or blank them out or something, I understand its an early build of a demo but that did break immersion for me pretty badly. And the flashlight shouldn't have batteries or maybe at least warn the player that it drains and doesn't have battery replacements.

Love the visual style, had fun, thanks for making it.

More on the psychological horror side. Anyone with experience with depression or severe introversion will relate. Thanks Vidas and love seeing your progression.

I'll be honest: I played this game like I watch The Room. It's fun in that way but to call it scary or horror is disingenuous.

Played Ep 1 and 2 back to back. They were fun, the 2nd one had real good use of tension and even though I didn't get jumpscared, I would say the workplace sequence was a bit stressful, especially with having to swap from flashlight and gun. Thanks for making them.

Went through all 3 in a row. Honestly I prefer the style of the first 2. The last one had pacing issues with the key hunting and valve turning sequences. One thing I will say is the visuals were often very striking. Thanks for making them.

I liked it, the fading spider freaked me out a few times and the transition scene's art style was high quality. I wouldn't mind seeing an entire game in that art style, maybe something 2d. Short, compact experience that is high quality and doesn't overstay its welcome, thank you.