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Thank you!, yeah the game ended up being a little bit too hard. I was thinking of reducing the speed of the falling rocks and increasing the swimming speed.

Nice and fun mechanics, controls great. Loving the artstyle and presentation too!

Really good! the animation on the caracter is great! the music is lovely and the levels are quite nice (With a good difficulty curve, or at least for me)

Good concept, nice drill mechanics. Slow paced but i guess that's the point!. not a fan of the fish sprites but its good   Good job man!

You forgot to include some dll binaries in the .ZIP, my dude. It won't start

Quite the nice little puzzle game!, good amount of levels. I think a "lives" system would make this game harder (And i love hard games, but maybe not everyone would agree). The art is simple, quite minimalist. However, the GUI doesn't seem to be anchored, so in my possible low resolution laptop, it looks strange. But overall, good game!

Good fun, creative idea, overall good game!
(bit hard to get the first movie to be good, but it aint really a problem)

I see!, yeah that's a good idea, thanks for the feedback!

Thank you!, yeah there are some bugs with the controls that i have to fix.


amazing game!!! good job man