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Works on 1060

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Same I love doing that too but sometimes for some reason I end up taunting them with the weakest weapon that I have.

My dream was where I was running through a lab trying to out run a axe wielding maniac with a scar across his left eye and a grin that made them look like this was everyday fun for him and then I ran through a door that had symbols on it in a circle and it was blood red, I came out the other side and the door vanished leaving me in the fun house, I came across the clown and ran around in circles through the place until I found the part that got me around the clown who was walking slowly not too far away from me with a knife, I made it to the exit door but not before the clown stabbed me in the shoulder as I went through into, you guessed it, McDonald's. I walked out the kitchen, out the front doors, into the parking lot and the clown was waiting for me outside. As I found the car i usually use, I saw his face in the mirror as I was unlocking it and I spun round to get stabbed in the chest as it said "I will find you wherever you run". 

And then I woke up and looked at the TV which was on and saw a TV show that had a clown in it which must be why my dream switched to a fun house. 

The funny thing is that the funhouse and the clown were like replicas of my dream which made me want to play this even more. 

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I am really looking forward to see the next features to be shown on this game as this is a incredible game that i really love the look of and the gameplay is incredible. I really like how the clown follows you at a very slow pace and you are running through a maze like Funhouse which is like an exact copy of one of my nightmares. 

Too many indie games get left behind or forgotten but I have extremely high hopes that this game will be loved by everyone.  This is way too amazing to be forgotten. 

I do wish you the best of luck in your journey of creating this game and all other games that you work on but this has to be my favourite indie game by far because it is like an exact replica of a nightmare that I once had but I can defeat in real life whilst still dealing that dream-like fear but knowing that I can win. 

One piece of advice I recommend is adding in a key to collect from a dead guard to unlock the clown's exit to stop people from exiting the room too quickly by accident. 

By the way the intro to the game is perfect and gives Resident Evil vibes.