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Top tip: camp out near a cluster of trees and munch 'em when they start thwacking into them!


Amazing! Loved it.

This is lovely, yet terrifying.

Really nice game! Picked it up in the bundle and loved it.  Initially confusing but once you get the hang of it, it's a nice puzzle game.

This was cute! Loved it. Thanks, and for supporting the bundle.

Have a cookie!

I very much enjoyed this! What a great bunch of characters, quite easy and relaxing, which I loved.

Nice one!

Brilliant little gem! Thanks.

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Incredible soft-body physics and graphics.  It puts modern racing games like Dirt Rally 2 to shame. I can't believe this is given away in the bundle, given the price tag it normally sells for.  The experience is intense, and I really appreciated being able to play without a proper steering wheel and pedals.  The online matchmaking works perfectly, and sitting on the start line your heart will be thumping as the countdown timer ticks down.  It's just a sublime experience.

Yeah I agree with the feedback about the birdies, they are incredibly hard to avoid at the start of the game and it's stressful to play.  Please make it a bit easier at the start!

Congrats, knowing Sin & RPS it won't be the last time they cover your game.

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Hi mosgrom, I have a 4K screen and so far everything is fine, but I have noticed times when chat text is cut short by a line or so. I'm happy to help test any updates or instances where you think this has occurred. Sorry I can't be more specific at this time, but like I saw it's rare and I've only noticed it once or twice.

Aha! Thanks, yeah I should have taken some of the initial leads, I wasn't paying attention :)

Ok this might be a basic question, but how do I take a fare to another planet on the galaxy map? If I open the galaxy map there's a red line pointing towards the planet I need to go to, but I can't figure out what to click to travel there.

Hi there, just bought the game after seeing it on RPS. I look forward to many happy taxi journeys :)

Great updates! This gets more fun :)

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So good! Watching a tower collapse in slow motion is just beautiful, artistic and satisfying.