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Mr. Boyfriend

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thank! you! much!

me too, mcspicey. me too.

Thank you for the nice message <3


Thank you for the kind words :)

planning a little update for next week! will have a mac os download included~

Whoah, thank you!! This is so cool!! I love what you did with the background changing colour for each floor, that's such a nice touch! This means a bunch to us <3

Thank you so much! We'd love to return to this world again as soon as we can! we have........ideas........


He's so beautiful!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Can we share this? :O Do you have an art page or a twitter we could link to?

Me and Shutteye are so honoured, thank you so much for this. This image has improved our lives in immeasurable ways. <3

me x this post

he is.......indifferent

star trek next generation baBY 😎

yes, but worf does like TNG

ost release coming soon :)

you gonna make me cry at 1pm

thank you so much!!!

Thank you for the kind words! it means a lot ; _ ; And thanks for finding that typo, ima squash that right quick. 


thank 👏 you 👏

thank you for playing !!

ur good

I'm so glad! thank you for playing!!!!

We're under arrest.

Thank you Clamptime! slime is bro 4 life, always got your back

Thank you so much! Worf will return, this we promise.

Ahhh, that's so nice to hear! Thank you. More sweet games are in the works <3

Thank you for the kind words! Worf is better than this world deserves. And thanks for pointing out that little flub, I'll make sure that's taken care of.

thank you so much for playing! I'm glad you had a good time :)

Thank you!!

We will make games forever!!

every inch of this bear means business.

thank you for playing :')

Thank you so much !! ; _ ;

she loves you too :')

we are taking this idea VERY SERIOUSLY!!

This is beautiful. Thank you for making this.

wow thank you so much for this! really appreciate the playthrough and the feedback. your possum looking greasy af (in the good way).

we threw this together in like 10 hours as an inside joke thing - it is WILD to see someone else play through and enjoy it. lmao.

your thumbail is incredible you should do thumbnails for BIG BRANDS. thank you.


Your comment put a smile on my face :)

Thank you!!!

this is really sweet

get kisses