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ah right i actually suspected that this is the case a while after posting that. i hope you put some more settings in the match creation including the ability to play with no AI opponents. i get your game is more about fighting but i find the economy management in most rts-games enjoyable enough by itself. plus i don't like the preassure RTS-games put on you when there is no ability to pause the action so you can think and give commands. this game isn't looking too bad so far tho.

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why does the AI start with a fully developed town even on the easiest difficulty even though the player doesn't start with even a single building?

hi glad you liked it! i actually considered implementing a dog kissing mechanic but decided to scrap it for the sake of avoiding feature creep. i think i've seen that error before. fortunately it's very rare. the multiple deaths sounds pretty cool. little things like that go a long way in making a game more interesting. if there's anything i've learned this gamejam it's that polish and these little things have a HUGE effect on the end-quality of a game.

was expecting an appearance by enrico dandolo. now im dissapointed :/

hey no problem man i'm looking forward to checking it out


one person told me this game stops responding when he starts the game. if you are having any trouble with this game PLEASE inform me here in the comments or in the discord group

wow this was so much fun! i wouldn't have made the player character black though (no racist). it blends too well with the platforms. also i'd consider making falling off the platforms instakill. this would make it more tense as you desperately try to not fall but consume the very ground you stand on. +having less platforms that always appear in the same place maybe. i found the gun really fun to fire.

i bet this would be a neat little game but the snake moves so slow at first that i can't take it. if you sped up the beginning just a bit i think this would be wonderful.

i tried that but it just made my cursor appear. does the build work on your computer?

wow there seems to be a lot of content here. i played it just enough to rate it, but i'll be returning this in a bit. i don't play a lot of text adventure games so i can't say how good this game is relative to the genre but i liked the mood in this one.


i'm sure i would like this but i don't know how to exit the tutorial?

aand it's finished!

stress eating

guess it is huh?