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Mario Grossert

A member registered 59 days ago

Recent community posts

Highly recommend this game to everyone interested in the aesthetic and horror. It's really something else, and manages to do alot with the art style and sound design. Short and sweet, loved it!

I had investigated the teeth on the pillow, but not used the candy wrapper on them (why would I?). After searching through the house, I entered the bathroom a second time, where the game tried to replay the cutscene from before, but realized the character wasn't there.

I didn't try the game again after that, and I figured I'd give you some detailed thougts on it:

The candy wrapper thing and the fact that your brother just walks off to nowhere show the biggest flaw of the game: Much needed hints as to what's going on or where you should go( or even just CAN go) are missing. I only found out that the living room had another side after watching a video on it. All other doors are marked by white rectangles, while all other edges without them lead nowhere. As far as I know there are only the dining and living room which have edges that lead to other screens. Simply adding a text on the bottom of the screen (like in old Sierra games) telling you where you're planing to go would've cleared things up greatly. Your brother simply saying that he's going to watch some tv would've made a big difference as well, but I'm still not sure how long it would've taken me to click all non-descript edges of screens to get to the tv part of the living room. 
The fact that I had to use the wrapper on the teeth also seems nonsensical to me (I figured that's the trigger needed to progress the story, since that's where the video I watched branched off from my own experience). She doesn't pick the teeth up with the wrapper, but instead we're helping our character make the mental connection between the candy and what's going on? This concept is never introduced (combining items to help the character figure things out we figured out long ago), and doesn't appear again. Hinging game progression on this item combination doesn't seem logical to me.

Oh, and please make the characters walk faster in future projects, the pacing of exploration was mind numbing :P

What I did love was the small touches, like how your character became frightened of certain things over time (like the ghost in the living room), or how the ghost gradually changed over time (I would've loved more of that). Maybe toning down the over the top decorations would've helped to make other things stand out more.

All in all, I love the idea and there are some really great things in there, but in the end I didn't want to try again after encountering the bug. Not because of the bug, but because I had lost interest in exploring.

I hope my criticism doesn't come across as too harsh, and I'm really looking forward to seeing more from you in the future!Especially horror themed point and click adventures, since that's my all time favourite genre :D


I'll just leave this here:

The visuals were really nice, and the sound design was good. The main problem was that the "twist" moment was obvious from the first few seconds of the game. Removing the hud element in the lower left, as well as removing the signs explaining why there's a quarantine would have made a very big, positive difference.

The final moments of the game were very nicely timed and executed though, the timing was just right and I ended up with a smirk on my face.

Last but not least: I sadly have to admit that I at no moment felt scared or threatened, mostly because I realised that I was unable to run or move in any way that would facilitate fleeing or similar. 

All in all, it holds together really, really  well, but the few little tweaks I mentioned would've gone a long way I feel. 

Thanks for making this!