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Mr. Kaos

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Okay i saw the email "Reply From Maxiess" and i kinda flipped. but yea i understand. Hopefully all is well or getting better. thank you for the update.


Yea. But it could just be some Money issues or moving, or his computer died


Thank you!

Jeez i love the new art style on the Characters! I mean the ones before were amazing but jeez they look great!

what android version are you using (Android OS not the Game)?

He's been offline on everything it seems

im guessing something happened to him IRL

He's got updates for specific characters every month on the 16th. 

Thanks! Im hoping to get the J7 since a friend recommends it. it came out last year so its relatively new

im thinking about getting an android and if possible i'd like to play this game on there

does anyone know how much ram is needed for this?

does anyone know how much ram is needed for this?

is there any order in which the updates come out for the different characters?

ah. sorry im not very familiar with german laws these days

just go to a local library but make sure you dont show anyone lol. (Download on an external hard drive from there

noooooo "Do you like him?" and then To be continued!!! why are you guys so good with Cliffhangers?!


May i ask if y'all have an update scchedule?

i've finished both endings and i gotta say, This is definetly a really good VN. Its got amazing potential and i kinda want to strangle the Lead Scientist. HE HAS ZERO VERBAL BOUNDARIES?! Its a really good mix between Confusion, Love and Secrecy. So far, i love it, and its written like a book series that leaves you with a cliffhanger everytime! Thank you so much for putting time and Effort into the game and keep up the amazing work!

i dont believe that would happen because Eric sees maria as more of a mother figure as he states at somepoint in spencers route

thanks! that helps alot!

i know i've asked this alot preciously, but how in the hell do you get spencer to be top? I've played thru so many combinations but he never bites...


also, @DyneWulf nice pun with the "New Flavor" being a run off of "Old Spice" XD

I may (and i stress may), have found the way for spencer to give the mc a ride

thanks for the answer!

The Smiley face download is just a glitchy patreon version for me.

Also the file version is 6.6.6. i sense a coincidence

Hey, Quick question,  are there nsfw scenes withOUT LE version?

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can we use the app to install this? it comes unzipped to your pc, I just added it to the game files

is this the LE version?

also great game!

Just Finished the Playthrough of Day 25! Gotta say, Props to you man! I dont know how you were able to finish that entire day plus Harolds Day too! So Nice Job and Keep up the Good work. I know im satisfied.

Nice! I can Definetly See the Resemblence

Yas New update is OUT!

He is working on the hugo route currently. not finishe

i cant download it tho..

PLU.SH DEMO community · Created a new topic Windows.

Will this ever be available for windows?

i kinda meant like is everyone except shoichis and kei's done (Published for sorts

i just have one question. are all of the other CS's finished? (Other than shoichi's of course)

If you were dealing with personal issues WOTB it's Completely okay. We get it ife gets in the way.