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Mr. Heating

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Ok, first of all, I'm sorry for my rude formulation, as a not native speaker it's sometimes hard to judge how something may sound while concentrating on correct grammar. I actually meant that from my viewpoint it's the same being. Anyway:

"it is shown and said in the real game that chara was the first human to fall in the underground" right, no comment on that fact

"DETERMINATION is the rarest soul type" I don't agree on that one. Why? Well, before things in Undertale even take place 7 humans are known to be dumb enough to climb a mountain without letting anyone know about it. Each one has also a unique trait. It is NOT KNOWN, how the state of proportional distribution of human soul traits on the surface is, nobody ever tells that. BTW, I just noticed that according to your opinion, if we extrapolate the known human souls, than DT is way more often present than any other trait.

Why I think about Chisk as the same person...

What we know for sure:

Toriel dragged Chara's body into the ruins.
No matter which path we choose the protagonist has at least one Chara's flashback at the point when Falling in the waterfall.
There is absolutely no evidence, that frisk actually fell when in the moment before the game started - no images, no text, not at least a simple sound like in watefall.
In Undertale's game files the red soul is called "spr_ourheart_0".
Remember how Toby Fox twittered that we should use our own name?

What we "know" about reincarnation:

It's the state of being reborn in a new body.
After being reincarnated one has some memories from the past life.

...which basically means that in year 201X we attempted suicide, failed, then succeeded, then much later we are reborn as "Frisk".

That's TL;DR: version of my interpretation and if you find anything that disproves that theory feel free to put it out here.

Nice little game here!

This is defenetly one of the best fangames out there, for me at least. Actually that's exactly what I wished for the original game. The original ps flowey may be insane already, but you just build what he lacked (especially the fact that it's 16:9 now)

Do you think you'll be able to port it for linux? I mean, thank god it's compatible with wine and despite the fact that when you die for the 3rd+ time the resume text isn't visible it still isn't that easy if it's not in the Itch library.

Also can you please add Y as an action key for the German layout.

Thanks for everything!

You do realize, that Chara and Frisk are most likely the same... "person"?

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It's okay, how do you want it to be called?

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Okay, looks like my reply wasn't posted for some reason >:-(

What'll be great? I gave two possibilities of what we could do => 3 possible connections and you just reply with yes. does that mean that you want us to do both?

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Okay, glad that's cleared, but do you really want us to only record it or maybe do sth. else with it, idk - upload it to raise game's popularity, send it to you so you can see how well ppl r doing?

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Ok, to be sure now: you want to do the story all by yourself, right?

TL;DR of my other questions: is there anything else I can contribute to the project with (mus, sfx, imgs, vids)?

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😱 NOOOOOOO! YOU'VE DESTROYED ALL OF MY HOPES AND DREAMS! JK, but how is it actually possible? 

According to this context your game should rather be called "Time and Space" ;-)

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Oh, I didn't mean to drop the last one here.

After two times sleeping I found Gaster!

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Well, at first, I'll be straight-forward with you. While I might be completely wrong, it feels almost like you're trying to not answer the questions, if you feel that the answers could make me upset. In that case - as long as you give me any answer, like that you want to be the only one working on this project or that you need more time considering things like that. Of course I'm even more totally fine if you'll say that you could let me take part ;-). Every answer is more appreciated than none.

-1: Then I don't think that "bomb" fits the description, but rather sth. like "(power)shield"

Thinking of actual bombs I had an idea of a mechanic with bombs which one throws upwards, is detonated by the player at any point they wish but the explosion which covers about 50% of the field which has to be avoided.

4: for some reason I didn't see it recently...

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Here, I did a test trailer/intro for the game. NOTE that I took only 20 mins for that and the pictures show what would be in the picture, not how it'd look like.

Created a new topic DID IT!

Am I the first one here who managed to beat the game?

Anyways, GREAT JOB!I've actually expected the final boss to be something totally evil and hardcore but somehow the "prequel" was harder. Despite that the ending was totally worth it, thanks.

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Good, it doesn't seem like my 5 TB of raw text data annoyed you (too much). ;-)

-1: Bombs: Do they destroy bullets, enemies or both? In the last two cases what about the bosses? Anyway as up until this point that game has been very skill based, however, I fear that if there will be bombs they'll make the game too easy. To resolve this conflict maybe there could be another shooting mechanic? I have in mind like 5s to charge, shoot a laser which one-hits every enemy and has exactly the same time which you need to go from one side to the other, BUT (probably you made it this way already while changing the screen shake, but in case not) even while shooting the bullets do kill you. Or one may  also have a meter for that which requires 5-10s to charge but can be used at any moment, just less amount of time. For the boss battles you're allowed to shoot the whole time but of course you're still required to be underneath it in order to aim at it.

If you decide to keep it the way it is I'd appreciate it if there was a special power up or sth. if one manages to get to the boss by shooting only once. BTW, I'm not sure anyway about the way it's done yet. I'm not shooting if I don't absolutely have to, because otherwise one has to dodge like 3 bullets until the boss battle.

0: Good thing to know, maybe also something that could be told in the tutorial?

1: My point is not that it doesn't look cool, it totally does, although some more contrast would be good, since e.g. on my laptop's screen everything's clear but on my external FHD screen I can barely see the difference. That's where my point of the palette being cool but not "useful". I'd rather like to be able to realize at any moment what's going on than enjoy good graphics. Ppl don't realize gfx while concentrating on the gameplay anyway.

2: Maybe we'll start another topic about how the story should progress and how it affects the game (pls)? To avoid spoilers I'd even delete it for you when everything is clear.

3: Cool!

4: LOL, I actually thought it was an addition, but in the case I've described the afterwards attacks looked just as difficult. I can show you the video, you just have to ask.

What are you planning about the audio part of the game?

Don't be so strict to yourself, your game is already the 2nd best bullet hell I've ever played, with it's hard yet fair patterns.

Created a new topic My Opinion

Ok, (I hope) I've played enough of this game to form an opinion of it (although I didn't even come to the final boss so feel free to tell me if there's more going on than I already know) and I'd like to give a feedback if you don't mind.

I'll start with what I like in this game's design: Although I have many things to say about what could be done better (IMO), the most important thing that overweights any issue is that I LOVE it's straight-forward style. No aiming, no "spell cards" known from other bullet hells, no bombs. 90% is pure avoidance which I really appreciate. As long as you keep more or less this style It'll unlikely get boring for me.

Now about the things (again, IMO) could be better:

0. What really annoys me is that if I do not focus on a certain enemy it may stay outside the box making it impossible for me to proceed or retry. It's actually rather a bug, but I'd like to have an option to kill myself, e.g. by pressing k, anyway.

1. The biggest thing I wish for the game is that the coloring becomes less stylized and more functional. For example I like UNDERTALE's combat system which you can take a look at on my YT channel (It's the only validate reference of course ;-)

It uses only simple colors: white for hurting, green for healing, blue for not moving when touching it and orange for absolutely having to move. I'd like Waker to be colored just as simple and functional (pls don't misinterpret this and actually implement what I've described about blue and red attacks).

For example what would fit my imagination is that borders and bullets are white, the enemies are white and 50% transparent so one can see their attacks if you're too close to them, the focus thingy should be e.g. red (or maybe orange to not cause more stress than needed) and then turn green when it's focused. This is of course only a suggestion, I don't mind if you decide to make the attacks green and the enemies pink :)

2. As you probably figured out already I'm here because I had a very nice introduction into bullet hell by UNDERTALE. But it's not only the unique battle system (for an RPG) which made me love it. Besides the fact that I've always appreciated gameplay where the player has to show skill instead of hoping for the lower damage, which is unfortunately in the most RPGs the case, it's important for me that a game has a good story and storytelling (MOST IMPORTANT THING EVER!), good music and character design.

Okay, I don't mind this game does not improve the characters since it barely has any. To the other two points, for the story I think it would be amazing if there was a linear mode you can chose where you can't shoot = have only to not get hit, which is the same every time, and where you get passwords at the end (which I've also thought how it could fit in the story). Probably (if you want to) we should discuss the story in another thread, I already have plenty of ideas. BTW, I could design a video for the intro ant the outro. As for the music I can try to make some sfx and bg mus if you want me to, but I can't promise that I'll be able to make anything that fits the visual setting.

3. When I started playing Waker I was pretty confused, because in the first time (and sometimes still) the font is barely readable and that's why I haven't noticed why I can or can not shoot. To "avoid" this problem in the future I'd suggest to make two "enemies" at the beginning the tutorial so one is forced to see the focus, giving the time to understand that the spinning thing is NOT a part of the standard animation. Perhaps what I've described above (colors) will help there as well.

4. One last thing I'd like to point out is that the algorithm responsible for the attacks should be optimized - I had once a boss which I couldn't beat at all: the first two attacks were pretty easy, but the last one... one wave had two window-filling rows - one very tight attack which was homing on me and like 3px later a very tight normal one.

For the first one I HAD to keep moving and for the second one I HAD to stay where I were. Maybe, just maybe it was technically beatable but this was SO hard to dodge that when I tried it about 50 times I didn't manage to get past the first row even once. I might still have a video feed of it in case you wanna see.

Welp, It became like, uh, 5x more than I've actually planned to write but now at least that's pretty much everything I've got to say. I hope this could give you an overview of what I, as my guess is, an average player am feeling about it and that you even might let me work together with you on this project.

Thx for the patience,

Lookin' forward for your response,

Mr. Heating.

Oh it looks so cool!


Btw, is this project actually OS? I wanted to put some thoughts on your GitHub page but couldn't find anything.

I've noticed that already and I don't think that it should be completely removed but rather replaced by a regular screen shake :-)

I really love this game (even though I really suck :-) but can you please remove the screen shattering (or whatever it is you call happens when you shoot)? I don't mind to have to dodge difficult attacks as long as one can see them. Other than that it's amazing.