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Mr. Heating

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Very nice game, the only thing that's missing is a bg music that the bg color is syncronised to.

Where can I report bugs? I don't use Tumblr/Twitter for privacy reasons but I don't like the idea of putting it here in the comments so anyone can see it even if it's already fixed.

What do the "Expo" Builds do?


Welp, I didn't have a chance then, did I?

Oh, wait, my fault. I've seen one of your videos where you record the whole screen and thought you were using Gnome on LInux, the top bar on your mac looks almost same. Nvm.

Thanks and good to know. *(thumbs up)

(Unrelated to this topic, what is that theme that you use for your top bar? Looks really cool!)

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Ok, imho this is the best update so far.

As I promised.

First, that one pattern for attack 2+3 was really cool. Also I like the quantitative ballance between moving and stationary bosses.

Second, What the heck is the pattern at the end of the video, I mean, what actually happens there?

Minute, WHY(and HOW)?

Y R U making a break (if you don't mind me questioning)?

Very good work you did there.

Hi! I seem to have the record in "Lost in Space" for now, I've skipped trough your playlist and nobody had the record above 0.5 light years. I have 0.586, watch if you don't believe me. If you do, watch anyway ;-P.

This game is clearly one of my favorites now. It's just the way I like it - minimalistic style, great music, etc.

However there are two things I'm not as confortable with. First, the sudden change of gameplay - once you're at ~0.35+ you're forced to change your style of playing from dodging to considering whether and where you shoot or tank damage thoughtfully.

Second, I have real doubts that it is possible for a human being to beat 1 light year without really lucky RNG, here's why:

The time a human brain requires to convert the eye's signal to the actual image is 0.100 s. I've seen this confirmed in multiple sources, e.g. in the NatGeo's show "Brain Games". Audio signals are processed without a noticeable delay. You may try it yourself - just make a 30 fps video project, and cut some stuff exactly to the beat, watch the result and then move the audio 0.1s into the past. Watch the second result and you'll surely notice the difference.

The average react speed (Seeing a visual impulse, usually a color change, and clicking as fast as you can) is stated (different sources state differently) around 0.225s and that's just one simple reaction you're waiting to do. I can easily imagine that it takes about 0.3s to 0.4s to partially/fully analyze the patterns coming in "Lost in Space" and react to them.

That's the only part of gameplay I don't like in this game (as well as in any other game ever) because the difficulty is increased not by making the technical challenge harder but just making it go faster instead. Ok, well, your game does both which is making things even worse.

What I'm saying is, that I spent hours to get a better high score and there have been plenty of moments when I was doing good,almost beating my high score, 80%-100% energy and then a bunch of asteroids came at a speed I never could realize fast enough and it just insta-killed me.

This sort of things tend to frustrate players making them go to the game's page and writing terrabytes of plain text data complaining about this one tiny detail nobody actually cares about.


I am not saying that the speed should be constant, it's good if it changes after the beginning, I just don't like impossible speeds that much.

I hope you may reconsider your game's machanics based on this comment and that It didn't bother you too much reading this whole thing that's almost as long as this game.

Mr. Heating

Waker community · Created a new topic My Opinion v0.21
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I didn't notice any big changes while making it trough the intro+ first level.

The new sounds are nice, but the changed ones seem a bit too muffled for me.

The intro's boss jumped into the start position* at the beginning and the time I shoot it.

I'm going to make the final boss the next few days as usual.

I DID IT! I'm actually not sure if that would be technically possible if there wouldn't be the shield.

I'm thinking of only adding movement after the first few levels - so after the player has mastered the dodging, they can attempt to handle movement and attack. Not all bosses will move though, and bosses that move will have a easier pattern depending on how difficult the movement is.

I'm fine with that!

Player naming would be a lower priority compared to game mechanics though.

Of course :-) Thats rather a thing for the final stages.

This is a known bug - if I recall correctly, it's not deleted, but you have to restart the game for the menu to appear. I'm looking into fixing it now.

Oh that's a bug? I thought it was intended like in the pre-alpha where the game just stayed black after the ending. Or was that a bug as well? Anyway I was lucky enough to not start a new game because I was disappointed and that way I could redo it (later). I've already uploaded a no-hit.

Be prepared for 0.3 arms then, they are harder and less restrained (but not impossible like those 0.1 ones)! They are still quite experimental at this stage though.

Sounds great! However could you please make the bosses move to where the 0.1  bosses were staying for the first attack rather then letting the player do multitasking while figuring out the patterns and the movement behavior?

One side will probably used as a score/completion indicator, while the other side is for flair/decoration.

Maybe also put the payers name there?

Okay, I've beaten the last version, it took me around 10-20 minutes without the tutorial which is extremely good, compared to the fact that I wasted 1-2 hours for all of my sessions trying to do things which are technically possible :-) This build is actually almost too easy, I even managed to beat the last level at my first attempt (thank you, shield;-)

Anyway, the biggest issue is that it's auto-deletes the game. I mean it's bad for me, since I wasn't expecting this and now I have to redo the whole thing to get a recording. At least it won't take me too long.

It's also funny that every attack that makes use of arms... (may we call them EXP for "EXternal sPawners"? JK, but we should eventually think of some cool names or acronyms for the game's elements) so what I wanted to say is that any attack which uses those, generated patterns which have been easier to dodge than any attack which didn't. It also messes with my head a little when I'm required to dodge something that comes from underneath me.

It would be great to have some kind of an indicator so you can see how long each of the two phases will durate so for the sake of estimating the risk of getting closer while it's not shooting. My suggestion here is to use the same visual element that's used for the shield, maybe just in the boss' or any other color than white to avoid confusion.

Another not build-specific thing you most likely already know but I'd like to put here anyway is that the left and right sides are not really used. I'd like to see some stats there, or at least the layout of the level selection as a ~70% faded background.

That's it for now! :-)

BTW, what actually happens when you press [SHIFT] in the overview?

"something like that"? Okay, that's amazing that you did intend it this way, but what did I miss? Also what is a "3 bite-sized story log"? I can't really interpret it.

My suggestion is to remake the basic layout of the whole thing. Specifically - to make several parts with each one boss at a point which is not avoidable and some unique behavior for every area. For example the first area has some regular bullets and the boss has regular bullets as well, just plenty more. The next area could introduce the homing attacks and same thing with the boss. After that the area mixes both types, the next one introduces a new type, and so on. The final boss is the one where you actually have to show mastery of everything the game has to offer at once.

OH! I have now a great analogy! I guess you know how a firewall works (the very basics, I mean, I dunno much about it), so it could be that the gaps between the bullets are open ports where you have to find your way trough. There can be separate firewalls on a single connection and between each device so the "overworld" makes sense as well. As for the timer - it could be a password which is being figured out by brute-force (the technically easiest method of hacking where the attacker tries every possible password until they find the right one) and the more devices you've taken over the faster the password is figured out.

The first time I've seen a bullet hell in a video I actually thought it's always being controlled with the mouse - Back then I just couldn't imagine dodging the stuff with arrow keys.

I'll just start this here.

I haven't too much exp with bullet hell - I did both major Undertale routes with no armor/weapons/healing + no-hit most of the bosses and some free games on Itch, my favorite of those before WAKER was time takker because of it's unique mechanic.

Some time ago I've started to follow a YTber who plays (besides other stuff) Geometry Dash and some hardcore platformers, more recently I started playing GD with my younger brother... rather for him because he's too young to understand the gameplay (it's amusing to see though how far one can get in this game by randomly tapping on the screen) but likes all the graphics and stuff so he litterally forces me to play it for him. Anyway, looking at my exp and the videos described above it's very funny to see how the simplest bullet hell elements can get an extreme challenge with a mechanics that feels like you're using a wheel to bounce a piece of ****. Just needed to get this off my chest.

How 'bout that? I know a regular or even a gaming mouse most likely won't do the job, a gfx tablet however could be the perfect tool.

I meant that maybe you could make portals as part of the game - bosses generate them and everything goes through. I think it would make the dodging way more interacting.

Hm, poison? I understand now what you mean but makes no sense in terms of WAKER. I'd suggest it to be energy that gets lost when the boss is shooting but it's not a physical overworld, is it?

Or actually, how much of the game will depend of one's own interpritation? I'm asking because another great thing about Undertale I haven't mentioned yet is that once you start theorizing and reading other's theories you have the feeling like many things are left up to your own interpritation but the deeper you get the more you realize how perfect (almost) everything ties together. That's why I'm trying to think of some logical explanations for how this game works but every update makes it more difficult. 

My reference belongs to the fact that the bosses may go through one wall and then appear on the other side. I'm not sure if I remember it right but I think that it's possible with top and bottom as well. That's why portals came into my mind.

Speaking of whitch maybe you could add those? Though I have no Idea about it I don't think that'd be too difficult.

Now that you mentioned Touhou (at least I assume you mean that) I've never played it myself but I watched  the final boss recently and it was kinda funny to see how the worst you can get from a difficult pattern in WAKER is the easiest in that fight. Anyway, how does that timer work exactly? I'm not sure how a useful implementation would look like.

Posted in 11

Can someone please write 17 so I can write that I'm 18? Wait.

Waker community · Created a new topic My Opinion v0.2

This time my feedback will be pretty short, because it's less than a week since I'm from where I had no internet and I had only few minutes to test it and now I'm on an even worse machine (It's actually the one I usually do my no-hit bosses because native Undertale works fine) which in case of WAKER renders with the average speed of 1 fps using wine and it's not even too bad since the Undertale Red Fangame (Unity as well) rendered 1 frame in 9 seconds.

Anyway, I had enough time to complete the tutorial and the first level, and TBH I think the previous build was better.

The most important thing are the colors. I'm not sure how it works since I could't take a longer look at it but for me it seems like it just picks a random color for each level. That's exactly the thing I was talking about earlier, I was rather confused by what the new color means rather than enjoying the gameplay. Additionally the color was pretty much #0000FF so it wasn't too visible.

I never had a problem with staying at the bottom the whole time, actually I've really enjoyed almost every single pattern's visuals, like really I just sat there and didn't shoot when I could and thought like "Boi that looks awesome!" (except the ones where the arms got crazy - I had other things to cary about then), because one could just be a part of the flow. Now with the bosses jumping around it doesn't look quite as good. This opinion however might easily change when I look more into the game, maybe it'just the beginning.

Actually, what I just said isn't that important comparing to the fact that the moving bosses affect the gameplay - you cyn't really stay under the enemy if it's going to the bottom, so something should be changed about that. I'd suggest to either let the boss take only the top 33% (or max. 50%) or change the "aiming" behavior when fighting to "just survive long enough" rather than "stay under it the whole time".

It feels kinda unfair that the bosses cooperate with Aperture Science while the player does not.

To summerize - I like the ideas, it's just that the implementation should be changed.

I'll try to find some time in the next few days and report how the things change.

What are the two souls for? ;-)

Actually, it's very objective, but I have the feeling like itch.io's games have much more quality. Whenever I chose a random game, it may be not something I like but it was never a complete waste of time. It's a thing I can't say about GameJolt.

In case anyone knows a little about Linux, for me GameJolt is like Ubuntu and Itch.io is like Debian.

Hm. Then I'd suggest that any data which can't be interpreted is ignored and automatically generated settings overwrite the corrupt data.

Of course - the actual gameplay machanics are more important anyway.

Well, I get what you mean, but how can you possibly mess up the format of a plain text file?

There's no problem with the sound, I'd just like it to be customieable as well so one can suport the feelings hat come up with a palette.

Ok, I know what's my problem: every time i saw some customization settings they either weren't useful at all or you could adjust stuff you wouldn't even know about it existing otherwise. Or both.

My actual imagination of perfect implementation would be that there's a GUI with only basic stuff and maybe some presets you can chose from, on the other hand you can customize everything by file editing, even stuff like sounds (pls) and (intensity of the) screen shake.


Well hmm... I'm not sure about this, I mean, usually when a game lets me change colors I... don't like how the interface becomes, though I'm not certain why. Maybe you can do both? Just output the settings to a plain text file so you can share or edit it if you want to. Also would it be possible to use custom sounds?

BTW, I forgot to ask, is it normal that the settings menu doesn't have anything yet?

Posted in CREEP comments

(How do I actually rate it?)

"I'll try to implement it into v0.2 or v0.3 as soon as possible." - I really appreciate the fact that you like my ideas but please don't rush yourself, don't get it wrong, but just look at what happened to the arms. Just take the time you need and release something when you're sure it's ready or with the specific purpose of playtesting rather than rushing to fix something new that confuses players.

I know that making a theme setting is something with way less bug-potential than a new game mechanic but it's just something general I wanted to get rid off my chest. I am, and I assume most people who play bullet hell games, a patient person, since getting inpatient is the actual ticket to hell, and I (we) don't mind if the new update comes in a week or in 3 months. Not because I have plenty of other games I could play in the meantime.

Of course, if there's anyone here who does mind if it's getting delayed, just tell me and I'll take the "wii" back. It's just my feeling how BH-players are.

How do you plan to implement it? I mean what do you think the syntax will be like?

Oh, yeah, why didn't I think of that earlier?

Would you actually mind giving me your E-Mail? I'd like to tell you something, just not here.

I really miss this feature which e.g. GitHub has. Would you add that, please?

Well, thank you for your detailed answer. I feel more informed now.

What do you mean by "player colors"? Maybe the game could generate a theme automatically and one has the option to overwrite it, so the theme is not fixed yet still customizeable?

I mean that it would come in handy to have an editable file which specifies the color or the apperance in general.

For example an XML source could look like this:

<bullet type="normal" color="#ffffff">

Or if it's something CSS-like:

    {color: #ffffff;}
     {border-color: #0000ff;}

Or maybe just any new syntax, it's just that anyone who knows a very little about HTML will be able to understand that immediately.

I actually meant more like online multiplayer with friends or just sum random ppl but of course It's not important yet.