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In that case I'll try my best to finish the game then! Can't fail at the last level. :D

Also my score if you want to know:


- All-Star: 20’400

- Rhythm: 14’520

- Despacito: 27’100

- Never gonna give you up: 30’600


- All-Star: 12’600

Deserves Game of the Year Award tbh

Fantastic game! Loved everything about it! The concept was original and brilliant, loved the music and the levels were challenging but not unfair! And loved the end were you could listen to all the music. I can see this becoming a full game in the future! <3

Great game, one of the best ones I've played! Cool mechanic that is used very well for a good amount of puzzles, very enjoyable! Also liked that you could just retry or skip a level if you were stuck but it still was always fair. There was no music which is a little bummer but the sound design is just great! So you get the full 5/5 anyways! :D

Great little game! Loved the mechanic and how you developed it with the power-ups, the Level-Design was very well done, even though I got stuck in two seperate places and had to start from the beginning. But other than that, just great! ^^

The best one I've played so far! Clean design, liked the mechanic, a lot of fun. I only made it to level 6, the game is really hard but fair. I wonder, how many levels did you make? :)

Came for the memes, stayed for the gameplay