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also, on steam there is steam workshop, where players can do waepon/maps etc. mods! trust me steam is the only way for an good game

well, i suggest one thing: remove gamejolt and put steam, trust me steam is a better platform and it has much moneys! your game will be good there

and also, will be cool see waepon and character costumization

it will be cool see it on steam

hey, listen i can only buy stuff on steam or take free everywere, soo or u set it on steam, or make it free

hey can you add npc,more blocks,more territores,possibilty to do caves and can place water (and add lava,acid and more liquids)????? ps. im a box of idea's :Dif you need an idea of what add or (im not good at that idea's) something for the gameplay call me ( or steam: mr_dark2004ITA (medic TF2)  )


soo when is ready the new update??



-new waepons and tools

-new gamemodes



-flare gun and a way to escape

oh so modern spin off is playable now (beta or something like that) or you have to relase that?

if is arleady relase gimme the link

i have an idea for you: ravenfield + ancient warfare, graphic=SAME


ps. make a pack named: MODERN WARFARE, is a combination whit ancient warfare 2 and... 2017! (more gun unit,tank,airplane,submarine...):make ancient whit modern! (or make a 2* game named ancient warfare 3: modern warfare)

when the update 7 info is avabile?

you lier you say the beta 6 will exit april and we are at 02/05/2017!!

we know all the beta 6 coming to april, APRIL IS COOMING TO END! so you lie to us? WHEN THE BETA 6 IS ALIVE?!

a button that make a random track

Tracks (old) community · Created a new topic IDEA'S

1 you can made you can place entities and you can shoot whit a gun you find on the truck?

2 made quick tracks: made istantaney track

3 made missions

4 add you can place more than 1 train and add more train

pls add this ideas


is confirmed? april=update 6?!

sorry for the impatience but: how longer we need to wait for new update!?

very cool

good, you can add npc? (animals or something like that) and new blocks? (obsidian,gold,door's)

awesome! can you add goblins,dragons or something like that (i love guns: PLS ADD SO MUCH OF THEM)

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change the button for the third/First person and add realistic aim! whit this will be awesom! and add ak-47 or aug (automatic scoped rifle) and add you can color the cube in map editor