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Hey there! Checking out the game, as the concept really intrigued me.

While reading over the game I encountered a typo in the Queen of Spades Crisis, where the event text is the text of the 3rd option from the Jack of Spades.

Other than that, everything honestly looks pretty good! I hope to find a group soon to play it with! I'll give it another read tomorrow and see what other commentary I can offer.

I just finished Sentinel for the first time and I want to extend my highest compliments to Meghan for such a wonderful game. All of the possible results offered compelling questions and prompts, and while not every result I got was easy to write with, every result got me thinking. This game also got me to completely bulldoze my writer's block (8.7k words in 4 days!), and it's been the most fun I've had writing in a long while.