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I used the assets just fine in Unity without needing to change anything.  Just set up your tile palette and grid in proper dimensions.

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Nice set for what I need for now with my prototype: Regress

Your tileset is being used in a small area of the city where the player can go to different buildings.  Credit given on the game page.  Would like your thoughts.  Should I change the city assets, I will remove this post(no plans to do so in the near future).

Was able to use in Unity after I made my own tileset in Tiled using your example sheet.

I have not yet bought the pack(really thinking hard on it).  But I am currently using the free 16-bit music from your website for my current project.  Would love some feedback on the prototype!

Great work on the music!

I won't post on everything I have bought, but I have purchased quite a few asset packs.  I anyone would like to see the art in action in a JRPG, check out Regress!

Thanks for the art.  100% worth the purchase and you bet I am going to try to nail down the style so I can add more NPCs!

Read the description again.  It tells you exactly what platforms to build for.

Used your music for all of the music in my game.  I did put your shrine music through Audacity to slow it down and it fit really well for credits music.

Would love your thoughts on it.

Great asset pack.  Used them in a group project (I recommended your art day 1).  I was the main programmer for the game.  I designed the minigames and did a vast majority of the overall work.  Would love to hear your thoughts on how I used your art.

Used the space suit sprite for my title screen. 

Thanks for the art!

Using your artwork in a infinite mob survival game.  Wish the dungeon pack a bit more to it.