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Hey, thanks so much for playing my game! I really enjoyed watching you play what I have so far. I appreciate you making the video and leaving the comment. It really helps with motivation.

Don't forget to keep checking my page for updates!

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Hey jgriffith! Thanks so much for playing my game. Unfortunately I simply ran out of time with this entry, and much of the game is half-baked. 

Yeah, I had originally intended for the FX to come together in a way that makes dynamic music. I just couldn't get it right in time.

And level generation is endless. Size and difficulty scales with the level number. You'll be clearing tiles forever! Unfortunately, though, i didn't manage to add visual feedback for tile clear combos (they exist, it's just backend stuff) and upgrades (jump count, dash speed, etc.).  So... it's a pretty boring endless game right now.

The cybermen were supposed to be a bigger threat, too. Instead they just occassionally spawn on an open tile (the tiles with the pillar in the middle) and stand there, stomping the ground and slowly increasing the speed their tile moves. I didn't have time to properly implement AI (there were going to be three types of enemies, and a boss).

Again thanks for playing, and even more so for commenting. I worked hard to get something uploaded in time. Good to know that someone played it, at least!