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Not counting breaks (eating, sleeping, etc.) I spent around 24 hours on this, give or take a few hours.

I did bring in some pre-existing code such as fixed point math, but I actually ended up not using it at all so that was deleted.

I started writing it in Java, but I threw all of that code away and decided to switch to C. This was going to be a first person shooter at first (like Wolfenstein 3D), but my brain was getting a bit fried and time was short so I decided to make a platformer instead.

The sprites (all 8 of them along with 10 digits) I drew with my tablet rather quickly.

I explained a bunch of the gameplay away as story since I ran out of time to properly fix some things and implement them.

Most excellent!

Seeing that there would be no way to force people to watch or not watch AGDQ, I am going to say that it is not cheating if youa re not watching it at all.