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this started me tearing up before I even launched the game :3

heart achingly beautiful gosh.... I feel myself tearing up

I really like the background! the whole package is just so... good at setting the mood

yeah! It's like a tool that I can use to examine my own brain and perceptions, you know?

that's really fantastic to hear! I really like the idea of bringing often very opaque symbolism to people

oh absolutely, that's now I like to do readings - they usually end up as a dialogue where we tease out how things might apply and how we both see the world really

thanks! I hope it came off organically, I tried to write as stream of conscious-y as possible

this is fantastic news! thank you for your hard work and I cant tell you how many times ive used image to bitsy to save my skin :D

this is awesome! I cant wait to see how it turns out :D

Omg "she returned with friends" is such a good title

liked and subscribed


crabs are ALWAYS a good idea


it wasnt as difficult as I was afraid of! just takes a bit more time to setup the tiles 

T_T oof my feelings <3 very heartfelt

ok "She advises you not to worry" is an entire story in a sentence :D lovely little snapshot!

Fantastic! love the style on these <3

OH YEAH and also I appreciated the puzzle-y elements! those are often really hard to pull off and it feels very natural here :3

full of charm and adorable characters! ADORE the use of the frame, and the music gives the whole experience this calming, wistful feeling

oh my god this is amazing?????????????

I adore the language used in this :3 fantastically surreal

whoah!!! this is so eery and unique.  I want to see it in an art gallery imo

what a sweet story <3 the pictures added so much to that story! now I miss my sweetheart T_T

(o_o) <(Help im trapped in this comment box!)

Love the text-less format of this! very affecting

this is fantastic! I just wish I could record out a loop to use elsewhere :D

I want to be........


whoah. this was really great. full of mythological portent. and you TOTALLY nailed the feeling of the suite imo.

this is so freakin cool! and the goblin is adorable :3

what's ironic is that Onion (the fictional character) could EASILY be "the fool".  I've always thought of the fool as the "protagonist" of the tarot deck and the whole noir detective archetype follows kind of a "jumping into the unknown" feeling.

I could also see "the magician" being a good fit

Omg this is hilarious :3


ooooh I really liked the symbol writing!

i wanna live on cat island!

this is such a good bitsy! that intro line "The world was boring so I sailed away" sets such a great tone!

*comfortable silence* might be the best caption ever