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My discord is Chiligoat#4983, feel free to DM me with your project ideas!

That's very kind, thank you!

Hello! Unfortunately I am an absolute Unity beginner; I can only do some very basic things in C# so far. WASD chasing a ball around to kick, click to move/interact..
But if you're not on a deadline; in the rudimentary development stage; your team has a mentor programme, or/and you're simply willing to work with a still-learning basics novice or similar - I'm available!

That depends on what platform you're using to make your game, and the type of game you're going for! DM me here, or on Discord (Chiligoat#4983) if that's easier for you, since you're talking about a discord gamejam


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Hey! I'm Vincent, and I'm in the last stretch of finishing up a VN project - my first - and I'm really happy with how much it's taught me how to do a whole bunch of cool stuff in with Ren'py's version of Python: from the very basics to some smooth animation.

I'm unemployed, so I do have a lot of time on my hands: we work on the current project three days a week and I'd love to fill out both Tuesday and Thursday with something meaningful, as well as have a game plan for when the current project wraps so I don't wring my poor creative friend dry of ideas.

If you're an artist, writer, or just some friends throwing ideas around, or even a team that needs another hand at the programming wheel, I'm your guy! I love direct access communication and instruction and can be found on gchat, twitter, discord or even skype if you need it; mic and camera optional. Bonus points if your project is LGBTQIA-centric!

Hope to hear from you,
Vincent / Chiligoat @ Twitter

UPDATE: Thanks everyone for inquiries here and elsewhere! I haven't found a project yet, but multiple questions about platform: I'm working with Ren'py , that is baby Python. I can't help you in Unity or elsewhere unless you're looking for a total beginner. 

Yes, they are different keys on my keyboard (which is a Scandinavian PC qwerty type) c:

Is ~ its own key on your keyboard? Having to press alt+¨ and then another key to have the tilde execute (as one would, trying to type ñ, for example) is not a terribly long command input, but not as flawless as the rest of the one-touch keys!

I agree with Schmidt that it would be nice if the text scrolled down, but simply pressing the down key soon turned second nature.

I want you to know how much I love cycle A for what it is and I'll probably save it in order to preserve it as it moves forward. (I especially adore how, as the rooms are unknown, That Room Which Begins With An A came at us out of nowhere.) Thank you for sharing Nectar Thief with us in this stage!

This game seems like it has a great setup, but I'm lacking a description on how to connect with another player as well as on how to pick who plays navigator/stranded. I'm very glad to go into things blind but this is a little too rudimentary blind? I can see nothing's happened to updates for quite some time though: is development stalled for this?

Thank you for this sweet game!

I only wanted to agree that picking the mushrooms themselves was a little tricky - though doing so in real life is sometimes no cakewalk either! - and mention that at one point I managed to break the soundtrack playback, possibly by running through an area too fast? I was heading through the second snowy scene where it suddenly cut off, no fade, and in the next scene with grandma two tracks started up simultaneously. It sorted itself out when the next scene loaded though, so it wasn't bad!