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a fresh take on a well loved genre!

thank you so much! We had something very specific in mind for the mini narratives and aesthetic so I'm glad it came together!

glad you liked it! ty for playing <3

thank you!! I also personally love the emojis, we wanted ones that were more of a blank slate so that people could ascribe their own meaning to them

ty ty <3! Now that we don't have the jam deadline, we have a lot of big ideas we wanna put in the game, stay tuned!

tysm!! A handful of the posts were written by other jam participants so thank you to them too!

I haven't played it but I'll check it out for sure! I'm glad you enjoyed it <3

Actually I like that a lot! I'll see what I can do c:

Great writing! Thank you for making this

So cute! Love the locker part and also love the science anatomy poster

Very cute! Fun to just hop around and explore

Simple but very effective!

I love the sticker idea so much. I just want to put stickers everywhere!!

This is a great concept and executed nicely! Well done

Strong sequel from Rainbow Jam's favourite recurring brand!!! Sadly had to play it by myself but had a good time nonetheless. Love the aesthetic!

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Love what you got done! Learning I could change the theme to my flag made me happier than it should have hehe

This was intense but like in a good way! All the effects and different narration came together in a cool way

Thanks for the feedback, we're considering making it a larger game so it's appreciated!

Definitely one of the joys of curating a social media experience is getting to decide what's on there.  I'm glad you felt a connection with it!!

Thank you so much! For real, we didn't make the music but while I was working on the game I often just had it running in the background just so I could work while the music was playing. It paired with our game nicely I think!

Controls were a bit challenging for me but I really like the concept and how it ties into the theme! Well done

very cute good job!

Thank you very much! The praise is very appreciated and I'm glad you enjoyed it!

Thank you!! Sokpop is so inspiring honestly and I'm honoured for the comparison!

It didn't end up easy to play! There's only one difficulty (which varies slightly with the fire rng at the beginning) but it would definitely be improved with a difficulty curve or selection in a menu. If I ever update it, I'd also tighten the controls and responsiveness a bit which might also help the difficulty

That's great feedback thank you! I was rushing to add "juice" as the last thing as the deadline was approaching and I agree it would feel a lot better if I had prioritized it more. For sure will keep that in mind for next time!

Love the level design in this! Challenging in a fun way and very cute animations

very cool! the level design is well thought out

this was amazing! i love the use of game mechanics in this context, very simple gameplay but it felt so real, and also enjoyed the music i found myself submitting answers to the beat, great work!!!! one of my fav games from this years jam so far for sure

love to see the sequel on brand!!! i lost so many times but had a lot of fun and managed victory in the end! very charming lovely game, great work!

lovely art and a cute story

very cute! the chain combo sounds were very satisfying. i got to level 6 with 42440 points!!

love the colours and the voice over in this! i had a couple times where somehow i'd end up underneath a road on the ground and couldn't get out except by restarting the game but otherwise a lot of fun!

what a sweet little game! the ending was a pleasant surprise too, good work!

i hear you on that, if we had more time we definitely would have designed a more natural discovery for the mechanics, but that's why we put out the guide with the game! we realized it's one of the drawbacks of building a game with more experimental mechanics, but i'm glad you liked it in the end!! thanks for playing!

it's amazing you did it without the guide!!! thank you for putting in the effort to figure it out, it makes me really happy :) and glad to hear the music shift hit for you!

great to hear the puzzles worked out! and thank you so much for the feedback, it's definitely not a good feel to get stuck after all that work. thank you for playing!!

hey thanks a lot! i'm glad you enjoyed it!!
and thanks a ton for playing the test version! your feedback really helped us decide what to do at that time