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Hi folks, we're Moth Likely, a relatively new two person studio out of Melbourne, Australia. We're just released Nineve, the second game in our monthly Patreon micro-game/ vignette series. Nineve is a stone skipping sandbox in which you can collect and skip stones along the surface of a peaceful, dusky lake. Take a few minutes to relax and create some gentle tunes.

You can get Nineve here:
Or you can join our Patreon and unlock Nineve and last months game Constellarium here:

Thank you for stopping by <3

Jair McBain (Co-director @ Moth Likely

This looks so lovely, well done!

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Hi all! We're Moth Likely a new studio from Melbourne, Australia. We just released Constellarium, a meditative constellation-soundscape toy here on itch.

Constellarium is the first in our series of monthly micro-game projects which my business partner Adrian and I will be releasing, funded in part by our Patreon page. The idea with these projects is that we evaluate small system-light games with unique aesthetic and experiential goals in mind, rather than gameplay heavy experiences. The purpose of these projects is to grow our audience as a company alongside our commercial and contract work. Starting an indie studio is REALLY hard and most of all this is our way of creating some things we feel great about while we put in the hard work and investment to get things off the ground.

With all that said, please enjoy a quiet moment to yourself in Constellarium, reflect upon the storytelling our ancestors did using the stars as their canvas and relax! <3

Lots of love,