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Much better than Depression Quest.

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Not sure if 86 is correct or if I should refer to it as 0.18.10b. Attached are images for information. This post was initially very different, but while typing this, I tried selecting with the keyboard controls and it worked. Not sure if the issue is because I’m using a controller, or because I reassigned A and B because my controller uses the Nintendo layout.

Train leaves, but a moment later I reappear where I entered the train A and B are swapped because my controller is Nintendo layout.

Edit: I’m not sure if this is a bug or if I’m just lost, but aren’t there supposed to be more destinations at the city station?

The dice on the title screen look very similar to the d6 from Binding of Isaac Rebirth.

Not sure if it’s just me and my phone (Android A20) but the menu icons are only partially on screen, I had to tap the very edge of the screen to use them. Unfortunately I can’t attach a screenshot. Also, like SPCTR, when I quickly switched over to my browser to check which key on a piano is C, I had to restart. Speaking of the piano puzzle, I think it could be improved by just having a little “C” marking on the C key in the octave that should be played, because the piano has multiple octaves.

OI, you got a LOICENCE to be draggin’ that body round, m8?

I found the smiley face. Also, it’s 2021, the credits have lied to me and I will never recover. Also also, how am I supposed to 100% when I can’t continue after the credits?

see image here I extracted everything from the zip, so it should work. I can’t figure out the issue.

Is the Type ALPHA entry supposed to look like a face?

I can’t really feel too bad when the little fuckers die because they eat so quickly and the ones assigned to fruit picking don’t continue when the fruit grows back.

Postal 2 had a much better message about willpower.

Why can't I say I didn't enjoy it at the end? What is this illusion of choice bullshit?

here's a fun fact: gender is binary.