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Write me in VK.

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Hi Evgeniy,

The price for Steam edition is high due to lower amount of keys that are left. There is no any opportunity to get the game to Steam collection except this one. So this price is more considered as a "collection edition" for banned game. (Rare thing). The complete game you still can get with normal price.

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Hi, yes, it was really complicated and frustrating situation... and of cause it was my fault. But as a developer I'm trying to fix the "bug", everything will be alright and working, sooner than expected.

Hi, sorry for inconvenience, it's coming same day.

Hi, no worries, 2.0 is ready and will be available very soon. It's coming same day with Xbox one version, the date currently is under review with support team... it will be announced as soon as I have it .

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It would be nice to hear your thoughts!

Far-Out community · Created a new topic Issue reports
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If you've found an issue, please reply here in following format:

- Your operation system

- Issue description

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Share your experience...

Far-Out community · Created a new topic Questions
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Post here any questions regarding the game.

Hi, it's not so. I've just decided to release it on consoles first.

Yes, there are.

Hi, I'm still moving to new apartments) Will inform soon.

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Hi, thank you for you feedback, you can contact me directly here or via email 

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Yes it's bugs free and very optimized.

Try to collect all endings.

How did you escape?

I'll try. 

Hi, if everything goes well, it will be here this weekend.

Hi, it will be available quite soon, finilizing the build. But it will be released with full price, not with price of the steam version.

It's coming soon


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Hi, I haven't received any notification about recent buy, but if you really bought it, you need to activate the key on Steam client. .

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Definitely there are some plans for DRM free version on, it will be also available here some day, as DRM free version.

Yes, you will.

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Can't say anything about Steam anymore, they have banned the game and me as developer. But the project development will continue anyway.

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Yes, this is Steam key, and it's very limited offer, only 100 keys are left.  The price will grow to the last key.

After that PC version no longer will be available anywhere.

HI, is this license free?

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Thank you very much!:)

Nice Idea

Thank you for your assistance

I got it, but unpacked build is 2gb size, it's more then the provide to upload. 

Yes I do, how may I help you?

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It's a steam key, do you think it is better to keep be a drm-free version here?

HI, the original game will be also available here, just a little bit later. Currently working on update.