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Morpheus O

A member registered Oct 14, 2018

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Take a poll and see which is typically the easiest. That should be the starter.

Feels like a tech demo or a minigame, not a full game. It has a good concept but it feels like not enough is done with it.

It has a good premise but it's difficulty is insane. My first complaint is that raid parties and random enemies form way too quickly. The second is they are often too hard because you don't get enough time to get strong enough. I had ONE run that I did well as but I got overwhelmed by raid parties. My third complaint is that once you get into a named tile, you have to do one of the shown options even if it would be bad for you. My fourth complaint is that inns are only one time use and with all the battles you get into, that's a death sentence.  My last complaint is it seems only the Psychomancer is playable as the others are way underpowered in comparison, especially the Lich.

DO NOT PLAY THIS! There are NO happy endings and there is a clear political message!