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This is pretty cool but, I feel like it could be shortened a bit and maybe have some additional visuals in there. The story is compelling but there can be some changes as it is a bit long and over-explained sometimes. Either way,

good luck on the rest of it, had fun reading through it.

So happy I found this game and got to play it. You have a whole world going on here and are limiting it to this story. I enjoyed the pixilated art of Gwen and the music was very funky. Good story!

This was a cute game about the energy it takes to be an adult, I kinda wish the music ran through the whole game but at a bit of a lower volume but all and all, it was a pretty accurate adulting game!

Pretty simple gameplay, I like the touches where you can decorate and stuff. The style is amazing and the art is beautiful. Such a peaceful experience.

This was truly an unsettling experience. There are some really good art and well-placed scares. I love the model for the antagonist and the unsettling atmosphere. It was cool to see that this was based on a real-life place but, hopefully, it's not based on real-life events lol. There is a part where if you go to the farther right corner in the back of the wine cellar and take out the safe from there you get stuck in between the safe and the wall. Not sure if that was purposeful or not but, something to look at for sure. Otherwise, great game!

This was such a relaxing game and super chill. I feel like there could have been more visually appealing things under the sea when you're swimming around. The visuals on the whale were beautiful and the writing is good. 

There are a few glitches where you can go through a building and can jump out of the boat but, other than that, it is an interesting concept. Enjoyed playing it!

I loved the mixture of 2-D and 3-D, the details in the music changing as the game goes along, and how unsettlingly realistic it gets near the end. It was definitely a great little game. So happy to play it!

Butcher Valley had a unique and disturbing vibe to it. The characters were well designed to get your stomach churning, as much as those meat pies. The music also fits very well into the mix. I had a lot of fun playing this. Great Work!

This is a really well-made game, I can tell there was a lot of effort put into it. Unique story and twists that are somewhat unforeseeable. The music and pixilated style was also very beautiful. Great job! 

It was cold from start to finish. I predicted what it was but, still was curious to find out more. Plus the choices on those sound effects were pretty unsettling and I loved it. Great job!

I did not realize it was the almighty creator of the famous Cemetary Mary until I saw the graveyard scenes and then, after editing, looked at your other games. Had a good wholesome time with this one and am so glad the Blackwood Butcher didn't get me this time. I called the twist ending sorta, but it was still a great experience.

I loved the picture mini-game, the fact that there were little stories with each ghost, the pixilated art, the unsettling music in each place, and the twist at the end. All really well put together, kinda wholesome, and super spooky! Great Job! 

The game was a little broken on the movement controls. I think I broke the game on my first playthrough. I liked the atmosphere building but the conclusion was unsatisfying.

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This was such a cute story and the soft art style goes along with it. Really enjoyed it. Great job!

I enjoyed the atmosphere, it was unsettling along with the beautiful yet, disturbing environment. Great job on this game! 

This game was absolutely darling. I love the world-building and the dialogue was well written! Great job!

this was a super cute game. Had a lot of fun with it despite getting stuck in the environment twice and having to replay the game twice. 

This game was super cute and cuddly just like the cats depicted. I enjoyed the art style and the little pixelated cats so much!

This was a really nice game given the subject matter. The twist was especially unexpected and cute. Great work on the game!

This was such a cute and cozy little game. I love the style!

Welcome to Applesauce Apartments where there was a more political message than I thought but, the imagery was hella cool.

This was the final game we played and boy did we have a pillow fighting blast! I love the art style and the vocal add-ins. Great job on making the animated characters move so smoothly. 

Interesting Concept. 

Thank you for informing me about flood insurence. The cat character is super cute.

I can see the environmental message here!

This was cute, I hope diglet's family evolves!

This was a strange game with a unique style. We enjoyed playing it!

This was our favorite game to play and commentate on. We enjoyed this bullet hell of a game. (sorry we didn't get to the end)

This was truly a unique experience. Great job on this game!

We had to go to Newgrounds to play this but we had fun doing so!

This game is adorable and the hand-drawn

art was really cute. 

this was a challenging game and we enjoyed trying to beat it. It had a touching message but made us rage. 

I’m glad you took it so well. Thank you for typing your response. I was originally nervous about posting so many critiques because I didn’t want to offend anyone. This calmed my nerves a bit. 

I can’t wait to see any future games you might potentially work on! 

hey, I enjoyed making a video on this game, however, I do have criticism. Here it is:

-there is no point in being able to go outside in the first part if you can't interact with anything

=the story was okay, I liked the element of using the characters the way you did but, I didn't expect it to turn into a family drama 

-the puzzles were repetitive, there was a lot of running around and a lot of space to do it to the point where I think the environment could have been condensed 

-the high school was really big and not a lot happening there

-there were about four scary moments and there could have been a bit more content in that department

-I feel like a lot of the shops could have been utilized for some more unique puzzles ie. making a music puzzle in the music room because

=there is only one puzzle in the game and that's Alice is Wonderland, the rest is passwords, asking the same guy things, and running around collecting things

-there were a lot of locked doors and things that didn't need opening ie. the principal's office, the librarian's file cabinet, not the lockers but, things that stood out

- how did she become unmute when she woke up? How did the brother-in-law know there were keys down an alleyway? how did no one notice a kid passed out in the middle of a parking lot before they started looking for her? 

=I think the singing triggered this reaction but it was never really explained why this day, what is the significance, why didn't this happen sooner?

-what would've happened if someone didn't charge or take their phone? or if they never discovered the pen and paper? I guess it's my fault for not exploring these options myself so, I take it on myself for that.

=the purpose of the phone was one 'scary' text where your phone glitches out, the flashlight, and being out of service.

I don't mean to crack down on this so much but, these are just some things that I realized about the game while I was playing it, and if it were only 1-4 things it would be different. The art and music were nice, the characters were themselves throughout the story, the depictions of mental illness were well done, and I loved loved loved the coloring book segment it was my favorite part. 

I know you worked on this game yourself and I encourage you to keep putting things out there that you want to do. Despite all my criticisms, I wouldn't call this a bad or even mediocre game. It had its charm and I can tell a lot of effort and work was put into it. Sorry if this was a read.

I think you have the wrong video on the wrong game

This was an experience and I really enjoyed it. Very atmospheric and stylistically beautiful. I enjoy the gameplay and the overall idea and I'm very excited to see the full game.