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this was a very good representation of a really difficult topic. I had a really good time playing it! 

I’m so happy I finally Played this game. It was so fun and strange and wonderful Despite my rage.

I related to the characters a good bit. I felt bad attempting the bad ending. I really loved the art. It was a nice experience indeed. 

This was an amazing game, I appreciated the style and the atmosphere of it all. I felt unsettled throughout the whole game. 

This was a truly beautiful and atmospheric experience.

Thank you so much for watching! I had a lot of fun with it!

That final boss killed me multiple times but I overall enjoyed this game. It was absolutely beautiful and I hope to see more despite my poor platforming skills.

I had fun with the game. It liked the pixelated style of it. It was short and sweet. My video died before I finished the game but I still had fun!


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This was a really cool game. The stock images made it unsettling whether that part was intended or not. I loved the premise of the game to, it's a pretty unique idea, and I always like that you have options. I rather enjoyed myself!

This game is beautiful and it had a nice atmosphere. The mystery is something I can not wait to figure out!

This was a cute little game. I feel bad when I left granny to get the other ending though. 

Really cool concept, wish there was music but it didn't take away from the experience.

I enjoyed Playing this game even though I couldn’t find everything 😭

I wasn't able to finish it all but I plan to do that in the next video! I really enjoyed it so far, there is a lot to see and I yet to figure out how to do everything yet. I am enjoying myself though!

This was a fun short horror game. I didn't realize in the video it was made for the 2 minute horror jam though. It was an great atmospheric and unsettling game! So glad I got to play it!

I loved playing this game so much. I legitimately felt fearful.

I really enjoyed figuring out this game. The settings, music, and art surrounding it really set the mood and I had a lot of fun playing!

I liked playing this demo despite the drawn out dialogue and the resemblance to undertale somewhat. The extra mini game you got to play was well created, I liked the music for it. It needs some work but I think this can turn into a great game.

I had a lot of fun playing this game. It was very atmospheric, horrific, and it definitely pulled me in. 

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I made it to the end, went back and found the other ending in two separate videos. Final comments on the game in the The 'Other Ending' Video. Again I had a lot of fun playing this it was really enjoyable. I loved the subtle horror, atmosphere and style. (edit- and I didn't mean to post the video three time, but for some reason it puts down the video twice whenever I link it?)

I loved the settings for this game. It was so atmospheric and just overall a really enjoyable playthrough! 

This game was so fun. The atmosphere and subtle horror was great and it had me questioning every decision I made. Rather enjoyable! 

I loved playing this game. It was super cute and fun while also being very emotional and sympathetic when dealing with this topic. I really enjoyed myself! 

I'll definitely be happy to play your next game!

Thank you so much for watching and responding! I was really happy to play your game and had a lot of fun! I can not wait to see more in the future.

there were a few typos but this was overall a cute little story! 

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I had so much fun playing this game. The story was emotional but cute. The art was fantastic and the music went well with the game overall. Great game!

This was such a cute little game! I really had fun playing it and enjoyed myself!

I can't wait to play this.

This was a super cute and wholesome game. I enjoyed it!

So many ways to take this game and I love the options, message, and art. Such a lovely playthrough.

This was a cool concept for a game and I enjoyed It Even though I was Having trouble with aiming lol.

I really enjoyed playing this game a lot. There was a story told here that was dropped in a subtle way, which is pretty difficult to do, and I loved how the game looked. This was a really great game.

I enjoyed this game to the very end. It was interactive and really fun! Great job making this experience!

There was a really interesting story here and I feel it was told pretty well through what was given. I had a good time playing this game overall. 

This was a really cute game. I really enjoyed playing it!

I couldn't figure this game out. I don't know if it was a glitch or if I wasn't completely understanding all the mechanics. I feel like there could be more awareness of this mentality as there were only a few things that showed me the mindset of my character i.e. the work events and the journal, where I could not read the post it notes either, and a lot of objects that I picked up were unexplained and I didn't exactly know what they did for my character. Overall it was an interesting experience and I liked the style of it but, I just feel like there could be a bit more explanation and direction. 

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I'm so glad I got to play this! I love the style of the game and was entertained! 

This was a cute little visual novel. I enjoyed my experience with it!