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Steven's Ringtone from S2E1 of Steven Universe

whats the error message?

Wow! I'm glad you enjoyed it!

Only thing jumpscare-y is the game forcing fullscreen in the segment you mentioned.

Super unfortunate! There still isn't a video of the true ending online, R.I.P.

If you want part 1/5 of the cancelled sequel, DM me on Twitter or Tumblr.

i'm very sorry

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Doing a playthrough with Dev commentary, here's the playlist.

It was cancelled so I felt that it was mean to dangle an unfinished demo in front of everyone forever.

Get all the {DUHHH NUHHHH} sound effect options. There are 3.

my entire body froze up when she bought grape soda because i was expecting kokichi oma shsl supreme leader to appear and idk if i could have taken that today

You should try the sequel! It's.... interesting...


Patch coming soon to fix this issue. Sorry for the inconvenience.

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Someone didn't heed the warning of my creator page! I warned you not to already! :(

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Talk to Mystri, and do the sidequest with Eggy. Although I probably should have done your idea instead lol.

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Yeah, the battles are the thing I'm trying to fix the most in the sequel. There's still a bit more to see if you replay this one, though! There is a "true" ending you didn't get, and more places to see. (Both of these only become available after your first run.) If you're interested in playing a demo of the sequel afterward, here's a link. I'm so glad you enjoyed my dumb meme vn!

This is great! I wish I could be a clown...

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It is getting an actual sequel, though! The demo of which is actually probably going to go live today! :)

Edit: Here it is!

Really good stuff! The art was great and the story was lovely!

Yep! That's about right! :)

Glad you liked it! Here's a trailer for the next main series release!
;) enjoy!

what on earth is going on.

Awww, thank you!

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Thanks for your kind words! I am going to patch the game in the future to fix a few of the problems, as well as add an endings guide. I probably should have done it in the first place, but oh well. The reason it was originally omitted was because there are really only ~3 endings, but I do agree it could still be useful. (Maybe a chance to add a new ending or 2, eh?) And most of the Easter Eggs are in the form of random events this time around. Each time you play a lot of the dialogue is mixed up. 

About the death screen, it's part of an ongoing bug that I'm having trouble fixing, where the mac version doesn't properly restore renpy checkpoints. I don't have a mac to test the game on in real time, so it's very hard to fix. On the previous version, the game would crash every time you even entered a battle, so it's a bit of an improvement at least. I'll try some more to fix it. :P

Thanks again for your comment, and I am happy to announce that I'm working on the next game as we speak. I have pretty big plans for it, so it might take a while.

(P.S. I swear that Magnets account isn't me, but I love them, whoever they are.)

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oh dang. I was unaware of that mac crash with the autosaving. (It's why it throws an error at the start of every battle) I'll see if I can fix that for the next patch. I didn't know anyone who had a Mac so I couldn't test it lol.

Thanks for the video!

EDIT: Alright, I'm pushing the patch now. Hopefully this fixes the crashes! Should be ready for download within 15 minutes.

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Absolutely fantastic and iconic. This is one of the best VNs I've ever played, and probably the best I've ever gotten off of 

Also, I poked around in the files a bit and noticed that you had a custom textbox in there. Did you want to use it then scrapped it because it wouldn't replace the default one peroperly, or did you change your mind?

Hi, I've played this a bit. I like it so far, and I can respect the fact that you don't want to include a save system. However, have you considered making the name be persistent so it doesn't have to be re-entered every time you fail and are forced to restart?

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sans gaming

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Interesting proof of concept! I'd love to see an enhanced version!

I can't figure out how to make fences, though.