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Space Elite Force is now available on ITCH.IO along with an activation key for Steam.

• Space Elite Force is a frenetic side-scrolling, full of explosions and epic battles against bosses. With its large amount of upgrades and its high level of difficulty, Space Elite Force is the ideal game for anyone who wants frenzied action, quick plays and a few hours of fun. Embark on this battle and help defeat the awful Klyvu race! 

• A Shmup inspired by the best of the genre that brings frantic fighting, insane bosses and a variety of weapons and upgrades.


• Fast and intense stages. 

• Insane battles against epic bosses 

• 2 levels of difficulty: Normal and Hardcore 

[• Infinity Mode: Survive as much as possible Klyvu attack waves and lead the overall score. 

• Powerful weapons and upgrades: Evolve your weapons into a modern Skill Tree based system.

• Unlock various achievements. 

• play with a friend in cooperative mode.


• Beautiful visuals made with pixel art. 

• Full compatibility with controls (Playstation, Xbox and Generic). 

• Customizable controls (joysticks only). 

• Normal mode with approximately 1 hour of gameplay. 

• Hardcore mode for more experienced players. 

• Infinite mode with frantic and fun gameplay 

• Steam rank for each game mode. 

• Large number of achievements. 

• Available in 2 languages (English, Portuguese)

 • Cooperative mode


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Hello everyone!

I would like to receive your feedback!


SPACE ELITE FORCE is a frantic space-shooter with graphics in pixels, with chaotic and insane battles against bosses. Fight against the terrible and merciless Klyvu race in this endless battle for the survival of the earth.

Enjoy its incredible gameplay, battles against insane bosses, enemies generated (almost) randomly and an insane amount of weapons. Upgrade your ship at intervals of each stage with a large amount of updates and weapons.


• Frenetic and chaotic battles.

 • Beautiful pixel art graphics. 

• Phases generated (almost) randomly 

• Fluid and intuitive gameplay 

• Support for any Joystick 

• A great arsenal • Upgrade your ship


The game is still in full development. You can contribute by leaving a comment, sharing with friends or even donate any amount through the "Pay as you want" system of the site.


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A top-down shooter that prioritizes the high difficulty. With a variety of clever weapons and enemies, Legend Of Monsters is an ideal game for players looking for quick and challenging fun without taking too much out of pocket.

Beautiful and challenging: Perfect combination of retro art pixel with a frantic and challenging environment full of insane battles. Varieties of weapons and enemy: several types of weapons with advantages and disadvantages for each occasion and an army of intelligent and prepared enemies for combat. It will never be the same: All phases of the game are generated randomly. Leaving the game different for everyone. Arcade Mode: Have fun in random phases. Light: Run on any computer! Steam Achievements: Get Steam Achievements

* The game was inspired by great titles like "Nuclear Throne" and "Enter The Gungeon".

In Game Adventure on steam

Steam Link >>> Link >>>

Tower Escape is a totally free 2D platform game available for android. The whole Tower Escape scenario is dynamic and random, in Tower Escape you have to climb as far as you can, avoiding traps, going through insane obstacles and collecting coins to unlock new characters. Tower Escape brings the thrill of competing with other players through a global ranking, the more you play, the better you will be in the rankings!

Tower Escape is a great game to pass the time, have fun trying to be the best in the game ranking world.


Bricks Attack is a brick breaker game of arcade and mini games, but with modern and frenetic visual effects. At the bottom of the scenes of the game there must be a spectrum of songs playing.

Super Brick Breaker brings the classic breakout experience and the cool graphics of today. With beautiful graphics, music and frantic gameplay Super Brick Breaker brings a retro and incredible experience to players!
Super Brick Breaker was developed in just 48 hours on a weekend, but depending on the feedbeck of yours the game will receive new phases and updates every week.

The game has global rankings! How about experiencing the classic breakout game experience and competing with other players? In Super Brick Breaker it is possible! The game has global ranking service that brings a competitive experience to the players!

With simplistic yet beautiful graphics, Super Break Breaker is lightweight and should work on any device without locking. But you can choose to activate visual effects that made the game more beautiful.

Now see some game features:

  • Different levels and colors
  • Fun and addictive gameplay
  • Overall ranking
  • Weekly updates with new phases
  • Few advertisements
    Have fun and leave your feedback! but remember! This game was developed in 48 hours and updates will be released every Monday.

Super Smash Monster's is a retro game of the genre Shoot Em Up 2D that prioritizes the high difficulty, pleasing players more #oldschool and #retro. Super Smash Monster's alternates moments of frantic and explosive pure action against creatures and bosses with moments of exploration in search of hidden items and solving small puzzles.

You control Alex, who after trying to play a tin video game, awakens in a strange place and receives information from a being named Pix, that he was trapped in the underworld of video games and that his sister would be trapped in the fortress of King Bit. Alex would have to face monsters of all sizes, deadly traps, all the guardians of King Bit and Bit himself, only then to save his sister and release the portal that will take him home.

To face his enemies, Alex is given a shotgun, but can collect more powerful weapons such as machine guns, flamethrowers, missiles and laser weapons or buy from the mercenary Pix's shop. Scenarios are exploitable and the most dedicated players are rewarded with secret items and very useful Weapons.

• Different Weapons: The game counts on different weapons like machine guns, missiles and launches flames.
• Exploration: Explorable environments for acquiring secret items and achievements.
• Misc Enemies: Each level has different enemies that work differently, watch out for the traps.
• Challenge: Challenge yourself to unlock our different achievements in a constant and challenging difficulty!
• Lightweight and fluid: Works on any computer.

download :

Super Smash Monster é um jogo retro do gênero Shoot Em Up 2D que prioriza a dificuldade alta, agradando os jogadores mais #retro .


Você controla Alex, que depois de tentar jogar um jogo de vídeo de lata, desperta em um lugar estranho e recebe informações de um ser chamado Pix, que ele estava preso no submundo de videogames e que sua irmã ficaria presa na fortaleza de King Pouco.

Para enfrentar seus inimigos, Alex é dada uma espingarda, mas pode coletar armas mais poderosas, como metralhadoras, lança-chamas, mísseis e armas a laser ou comprar da loja Pix mercenário.

• Diferentes Armas: O jogo conta com diferentes armas como metralhadoras, mísseis e lança chamas.
• Exploração: Ambientes exploráveis para a aquisição de itens secretos e realizações.
• Misc Enemies: Cada nível tem diferentes inimigos que funcionam de forma diferente, atente para as armadilhas.
• Desafio: Desafie-se a desbloquear as nossas diferentes conquistas em uma dificuldade constante e desafiador!
• Leve e fluido: funciona em qualquer computador.

Faça o teste de jogo e deixar o seu feedback!

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Trailer do jogo:


Super Smash Monster trata-se de um jogo retro do gênero Shoot Em Up 2D que priorizar uma alta dificuldade, agradar jogadores mais #oldschool e #retro. Super Smash Momentos de pura ação frenética e explosiva contra criaturas e chefes com momentos de exploração em busca de itens ocultos e resolução de pequenos quebra-cabeças.

Você controla Alex, que depois de jogar um jogo de estanho, acorda em lugar de estréia e recebe uma informação de um ser chamado Pix, que ele estava preso não submundo dos videogames e que sua irmã está presa na fortaleza do Rei Bit.

Para enfrentar seus inimigos, Alex recebe uma espingarda, mas pode coletar armas, mas poderosas como metralhadoras, lança chamas, mísseis e armas um laser ou comprar na loja do mercenário Pix.


• Diferentes Armas: O jogo conta com diferentes armas como metralhadoras, mísseis e lança chamas.

• Exploração: Ambientes exploráveis para a aquisição de itens secretos e realizações.

• Misc Inimigos: Cada nível tem diferentes inimigos que funcionam de forma diferente, atento para como armadilhas.

• Desafio: Desafie-se e desbloquear as nossas diferentes realizações em uma dificuldade constante e desafiador!

• Leve e fluido: funciona em qualquer computador.

Preço estimado:

2,99 ~ 4,99

Você pode baixar uma versão BETA aqui:


Hey man, look this game please: