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Moonwriter Theory

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Alright! Thank you for the information!

I heard about the theme "Touching the Stars", but what does that mean?

Thank you for sharing this music. I'll use for my game. Contact me if you want free copy.

I can translate your game as well, but my short game's translation will release tomorrow. My first language is Filipino.


I'll try it out as well

oh right Here

I want you to translate my remake into Russian. It's Enhanced Edition.

It seems like a crime style with vacuums, good job for your teams!

Hi, I'm Frederick C. Borromeo. I remake one of games like your version. But some lack of mappings, traps, chases, and locked doors with your version. Here's the game I remade this . Also I credit your name as a developer

I'll give you a hint:

Find the invisible stairs on the northwest after chase scenes

yeah right xd

I saw the Wikipedia has open, but still stub, does anyone who can re-edit this

I think it's a good end with some dialogue for ignoring Zera, you need 19 hints for sure

You want to make your own Discord server to post devlogs and join some members, here's the link

Thank you!

It's a good horror game as well

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I heard you remove your own old account, but you can get a new discord account if you want.

I can ask one more question: The owner, MustardPlus wants to join Unique Indie RPG Discord Server to became partnered games. I really appreciate to help you as a supporter as well. Here's the invite link:

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FriendlyTamer was my wiki account, and I officially add the page. But you're welcomed :) This is official wikipedia page for your game.

I see, thanks for the feedback!

So Release Candidate is full version, right.

One question: About the full game, are you preparing to release as a commercial or freeware?

I like this game as well

It's a great game as well

Here's the gameplay video

I glad your game will be released. I heard about game testers, I can help it


Here's a gameplay video with non-commentary

Ah okay, I didn't know about it. I apologize and I didn't see RTP music or anything but it said RTP resource, it was TheoAllen's RPGM music.

Here's the gameplay demo

Here's the gameplay as well.

I got the game

She really have a dream and found the sword and magic to defeat the boss before she wakes up, although it's imaginary. About the Bad End, it would take nightmare.