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The giant black widow spider is perfect for placing an enemy in dark, terrifying areas such as a graveyard, forest,ruin,abandoned buildings or underground (e.g digger games)


  • excellent 7 animations
  • 100% vector
  • HD sized animation and body part exports in .png format
  • source files included

More information here Giant Black Widow Spider

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  • unique design and character
  • smooth, fluent 40+ animations
  • amazing quality fx (muzzle flash, smoke trail & explosion)
  • 100% vector
  • exported animations as png sequence and spritesheets
  • source files included for editing and modifying




For more details visit 



My rayman inspired 2D character asset is now available on itch.io

You got my sincerest thanks!

The body parts are already included in the "Body Parts"  directory

If you meant the file where I've drawn everything that as well is included. You can find it in the "Source" Directory

You'll need one of the programs below to open the source file and modify it to your needs.

  • Adobe Illustrator to open CS6 and CC
  • Inkscape to open SVG
  • Any Vector Drawing tool to open EPS
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I'm very happy to hear you liked my assets. Also thanks for the support.

My next project will be a litte girl kid character with a lollipop and a teddy bear in her hand with different emotions such as angry, happy, sad etc and will be animated in NIMA most probably.

I've an endless list of items I want to accomplish but I progress slowly as I lack of time.

I'll think of the wizard not as next but as next next ;D

You can follow me on facebook if you like and get notified about my newest artwork and progress every now and then..


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okey.. somehow the package was named equal to the updated one but it was actually the old file.  Anyways it's the correct file now (hopefully).

Please redownload it. Thanks.

There are 3 jump poses

  • jump start
  • jump mid air
  • jump fall

When combined together it makes a full jump animation. Do you need a full jump cycle animation instead of the jump poses?

While this is my own artwork  and my own conceptional 2D design of the juggernaut you still might get copyright issues if used commercially.

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yes, you can use in an unlimited number of projects without the need for credits. You may also use in your commercial game even if it was modified.

The only thing I do not like / permit is to sell the game asset as it is elsewhere and cutting through my business. Thats all.

Hope that answers your question.

Have fun :)

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you can download the new asset package now.

Have fun :)

if you still need those two animations I'll add them tomorrow. I just found some free time - sorry for the delayed reply ;D 

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I am trying to create more cars in my spare time. 

I do make paid assets too. Just write me a mail to 2dgamearts@gmail.com and we can discuss in detail.

Thank you.


you are right. Sorry for that. I had planned a win emote animation but later dropped that idea. Somehow I forgot to remove it from the product description. Anyways I added a win emote and a win emote idle animation. You can download the updated package now.