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Christoffer Sundbom

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Nice! looks great

Thank you for your feedback, I make sure to keep those in mind if I'm working on this game in the future 🙂👍

Awesome! to bad i suck at platformers like this! :P

The score did not go higher then 400 for me? :P and i think most of the stick dudes stopped spawning :P

Very nice puzzle game! the animations are great. But i think i found one of your bugs, i ended up with only pairs and singles so i could not progress any further i think :P

Haha, this was fun. to bad it was a little short :P

This was hard, i only manage a distance of 31 xD

This was nice, you have a solid start here, the movement and jumping felt alright, and i like the hair animation :)

I think your window is a little small, did you forgot so change it in the settings of your itch io page? :) nice concept tho. what do you think about Godot so far? :)

2100 score, nice screen effect. Is it a shader? :)

Your game was great, fun casual idea! are you using godots networking or something like nakama ?

Thanks for playing :

nice, runs like butter, very smooth :D and the drifting feels great :D

Nice way of using Godot's node graph!! :D

Nice game, i managed 51km :D more fun then the game i submitted i think xD

easy peasy :P 

Nice, i used to play Endless Online with my brother back in the day :]

omg, how much do you want to integrate this in to godot, and make a similar theme to the godot Visual Script and Visual Shader :D this looks amazing

i ment the origin is exported with the model ?  but i guess it is :) thanks!

Hello! When i export a model, is the origin where the arrow in the "floor" is?

and is it exported with the model ?

Try export dae ( Collada ) or gltf , they both work with godot

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As title says, arrows to move the model either in the X or Z. ( now its 4 arrows and when you grab them you can move it everywere, good in some cases)

i think this was avaiable in Assetforge 1, but not in 2.

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Thank you for your quick answer Kenney, i like living on the edge so

i'm running 2.0 in ubuntu, works good as long you don't let go

of the window focus xD

Hi, what is the difference between asset forge 2 and deluxe? what if i buy deluxe will there be an asset forge 2 deluxe ?

will the parts from deluxe be available in 2 after i have the deluxe version?

Fixed ;)

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Here are the vote link!