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Jay Zay (MoonMetro)

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This was an absolute blast to play! From the amazing Ferris Bueller reference to the odd art style to the engaging gameplay, I enjoyed every bit!

Game could have definitely used a tutorial. Besides that, I love the Overcooked vibe the game gave off.

The pixel art, animation and UI was fantastic! Too bad you couldn't get the mechanics finished but you've got something!

Really great game. I can't recall too much of the scene but in terms of flipping the role from being the raider to being the boulder was really interesting! Great job!

This is something special. I could see this being in a Jackbox Party game, where you can play with other people couch co-op.  I had fun with this.

Really good concept you have going here. Adding a timed element would really make things more intense!

Amazing concept you have here. I really enjoyed that the music went well with the tapping of the keys. However, the best thing about this is that the controls are simple enough for anyone to pick-and-play but the game takes practice to master.

Polish up the visuals, make it endless and have the obstacles randomly-generated and you got yourself a mobile game hit!