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You only need 10 more dollars a month for the Zach route 馃槶 I cannot wait

Android :3

ive been trying to install this for about a month for my android phone, and all 3 of them say app not installed (i have enough storage space as well)

It installed a bunch of pictures onto my camera roll

app not installed 馃槱



Right, its 355 days now, not 365. Didnt see that. 

Also it was 12 days when I posted that.

In 2 days, this game is going to be a year old! (I'm pretty sure)

Can't wait for the next update :3

I also think that you guys are being very creative by making routes for the friends and mentors, keep up the good work!

Ok, thanks for the information. :3

Hmm, deleted comment? Must be a secret

Is there a specific update day every month?

Honestly, John's attitude now compared to the beginning is kinda rude 馃槀 I'm not saying you did anything wrong, just saying John is... Extra? Idk, I'll stop talking now before someone thinks I'm being rude 馃槀

K thanks

You're saying they were calling you names when you did first? 馃槀 what a hypocrite.

I don't know, can she?

Oh, that's pretty cool!

Is this new?

Ooh, a new one (掳<掳)

yeah I know, but is the highest 馃憤 you can get 52

Is there a specific update day every month?

Is there a specific update day every month?

Is there a specific update day every month?

Is there a specific update day every month?

Is the update today? :3

Is 52 the highest 馃憤 you can get from gil so far, or did I miss something?

that's cool :3


Nobody can convince me otherwise

Omg, can't wait for the update tomorrow

Is there going to be a route for Zach, or will he just stay as the roommate?

Did you make the music for the game as well?

It might be a storage problem. 馃 that happens to me often, because I dont have enough room to download.

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I am definitely liking the story of this vn, and I hope it goes far.

Also, those tails do be hitting different 馃槀

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Wait, so is day 11 the official end of the demo, or just until further updates come?

I just kind of kept guessing for a few minutes and apparently I got lucky :3

Ok, cause I thought it said they had masks on.

Found it, thanks :3

how do you get the second scene in the gallery for hoss?