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Moon Light Games

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Loved the game! It's really fun to play!

No problem. Can't wait to play it with the bug fixed!

Hey, really cool game!

I liked very much the music being less audible the lower the tower was. Great touch! Also, the birds added a load more depth to a simple and fun game.

Can't wait to see more of your games!

Hi there!

Really enjoyed your game! I think it looks really cool, plays really well and overall is a great game!

@servic69 Creat to hear that!

I'm also very happy you enjoyed the jam =D

Hey, very cool eerie space game! The music made every turn frightening and the 3d pixelart looked awesome!\

I got stuck tough on the computer monitor you showed in the screenshot, not knowing what to do next. (I also seen a 2d sprite stuck inside the concrete slab behind the monitor). I think this is a bug, but it may as well be me being a dumb-dumb =D

Anyway, I liked your game very much!

Hey, great game! I loved the idea of an endless driving game!

But I think that the control mapping is a bit strange (at least for me) Maybe you could add a "method 2" control scheme in the options where tilting left and right moved the car left and right relative to it and tilting down would break. Just a thought tough; I very much liked your game!

@oldronin Thank you for the comment!

I had a couple of hours left to make a balloon shape and that's the best I could do în that time =D

And the letters are hand-made with some edge-smothing with the erase tool.

@Eric Neuhaus Hmm... I'll look into that...

Thanks for pointing it out to me!

@Eric Neuhaus Hi Eric!

Could you specify witch transition was buggy? (menu-game or game-shop)

When the competition ends I will make them snappier and will lock the controls till it finishes the transition.

Thank you for the comment

Awesome game with a great mechanic!

The more I played, the more I liked it! 5/5

I loved the game! I can see you put a lot of work into it!

But if I had to critique something, it would be the tutorial, as it was a bit unclear because it had no photo instructions.

But overall 5/5

@DisGuiIsMe Thank you! =D

@bonus1up Thank you for the feedback!It does work in landscape,but the screen still has to remain square because of the 64x64 constrain. After the competition ends I will upload a V1.1 with an overlay that will fit the 16x9 ratio.

@Luke100000 Thank you! I will fix that bug in the next update.

I am again really sorry it dosen't work on your phone,there isn't much I can do about it...

Great game! I enjoyed it a load!

Great game! Fast and addictive! =D

This game is interesting,but gets boring after a while... The music is quite, well, interesting =D Maybe add other events that would happen every 2/3 km.

Great game! I found it really entertaining!

Hey,the controls are mapped wrong on the xbox controller: the right D-Pad makes him go up,Left-Down And he always goes to the right... Otherwise it's a cool concept. =D

This is seriously cool! I have no idea how you got this working but it is amazing!

My only complains are: the sound leaves to be desired, and the music would be a nice addition.

But that's all! Great job! =D

Awesome game! I do love the balance of the game and the art!

My complains of the game are the same as the ones mentioned below,with another one: There should be a tutorial at the beginning of the game =D

@Luke100000 Very sorry about that! Have you tried turning music off in the settings? If that doesn't work, I will try to make it compatible with more phones in the future,but at the moment I cannot. May I ask you what android version you were using?

This game is really cool! The only bug I found was the sound: when you hold w/a/s/d and the cursor moves the sound "stacks" and gets distorted. Also, did you think of making a port on phones? It would be great!

Otherwise the game is awesome!

Replied to Don Calaca in Quickie Draw

I see =D

Posted in Quickie Draw

Nice! I liked your game and I thought that the pixel art looked great!

About starting multiple games, I'd suggest to you to work only on one game at a time and write all of the ideas that come to mind on a text document. I found that if I jumped to make a new game each time I got an idea, I would never finish the game I was currently working on.

I also found that not all good (or even great) ideas turn into good games. To avoid spending time on these ideas, I have made a different text document called "Spitballing" for ideas that come to me (mostly late at night) and that still need to be seen if they can be converted into actual games.

Good luck on your games!

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Wow, that's such a cool idea!

Good luck with the game!

Edit: You may want to read @eligiobz comment (https://itch.io/jam/960144/topic/62813/keyboard-controls) saying that you may not be able to use arrowkeys and the spacebar...

Sorry, but me and Toy el sonorista have already begun working on the game...

(Edited 1 time)

I don't have skype, but I can get on a facebook group. On which one and at what time?

Edit: Actually, can we arrange this via email?

Hi Yeis, I don't know how to use Unity (For this game I would have used Construct 2 - a visual scripting game engine) and since they're two different game engines, I don't know how this would work...

I would let you make the game and I could do some other stuff, but I'm really bad at everything else...

The only way I can see this working is if you know to do something else...

(Edited 1 time)

I'd love to!

I thought we were going to receive an email with a selected team, but as that did not happen I'd love for us to form a team!

Here's my email: moonlightgamesco@gmail.com

Hey, I'm Andrei, a small indie game developer from Romania who made a couple of games for android (http://play.google.com/store/apps/dev?id=863410830...)

I am not good at drawing, music or making a story (not at all =D) but I am pretty good at making the mechanics for the game.

I can't speak Spanish (as you can see) but I can speak English and Romanian.

Great work!

When I first opened the game and I saw that you start with a shotgun in a horror game I was wondering if it will be scary, and it was.

I did not play much of it as I don't have a mouse for my laptop and shooting with a touchpad isn't ideal, but from what I played, I think this game is really well made!

(Edited 3 times)

Hi Dmitrij!

You are requiered to upload the executable (and all the files it needs to run the game - in your case, the .apk is all you need). But you can upload other files as well if you'd like.

If you link it trough Google Drive, people without a google drive account won't be able to aces the files. You could upload the file directly on itch.io when you post your game, or if you would rather keep them on a hosting service, I'd recommend dropbox.

Hope this has been of some help for you.


Wow, this game is incredibly fun to play!

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Hi there! I would verry much like to work with you on a game!

I am a new 'dev' for android and have made 2 games so far: Domino King! and Quick Trigger! I am also working on a game for this competition and I will send it to you if you want.

If you are interested in a colab, email me at MoonLightGamesCo@gmail.com

Hi! Are you still developing this game? I was quite excited for it...

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Hey, are you still developing this game? It seems really cool...