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arrow keys

mhm! also thanks, will def check it out.

where's the secret room?!?!

haha yeah i guess ;P Honestly I'm not complaining! I loved everything about this no matter the fact that they got my sign wrong.

It's fine. Like I said, you addressing everyone as girls is not such a big deal to the point where I have to get really upset and complain about it, I was just struggling with some other stuff and took it out on your comment, and I'm sure you didn't mean to offend anyone.

Yeah but they're stating this to females and exclusively females which is them assuming that boys wouldn't enjoy or play this game. Idk. I forgot I even made this comment until now and I just remember being very cranky and projecting my icky feelings on things that have nothing to do with whats actually upsetting me.

hi, um, this game was really wholesome, cozy, and well done. thank you for this. i was left wanting more and the characters made me feel less alone during social distancing and this whole pandemic... :')

(i'm a scorpio and it guessed me as a cancer which is incorrect but i'm surrounded by a lot of cancers and have lots of times where i am very characteristically similar to cancers) 

aye am gae



yes! they're having a first date on the last day of living. It's called the final day because the world is ending on the day they have their date :3

Holy shit. This game is now my absolute favourite! It's difficult in a way that makes you feel determined instead of defeated and it's just overall so much fun!!!

 My only wish is that I want more levels/stages! I wouldn't change a single thing, I just want MORE of this m-a-s-t-e-r-p-i-e-c-e-!!!

Do you intend on making more stages/levels or plan on adding more? ^=0w0=^

on whatever device you may be using, take a screenshot, then post it here

 This is my take on Spinel from Steven Universe:Let me know what you think and if I should do any other Steven Universe characters or fusions!

did you just assume the gender of everyone playing this game? wowzies o_O

the controls and speed of reaction when using arrow keys or WASD, was a bit to fast and not smooth enough for my liking but overall it was a great experience, enjoyed the twist at the end, and the graphics plus the background track gives it a really cool vibe

idk if this was on purpose but the controls are really wack and it's hard to hide evidence when Barry and his furniture are doing the harlem shake

Lmao XD

i made the "artifact" a personified penis with a face and *cough cough* white "hair" on it's *ahem* head. 

this was such a cute little pass-time and i really enjoyed exploring the different endings. the death was by far the most chaotic and was a personal favourite. i giggled throughout the whole thing. thank you 

what, how?

this exceeded my expectations and was very well done, great job

also i lost all my progress since the bug didn't let me finish so please add check points or saves so i don't have to play the game all over again next time i exit

This is my 1# favourite game on Thank you. Everything about it is absolute perfection and exactly the kind of game I've been searching for. All I ask is PLEASE squash the pesky bugs!

when you get caught, it actually made me jump a bit

love how much of a hopeless romantic, the character you play as, really is :3

s o o o  f u n  a n d  c u t e  !  !  !

cute game. wholesome and simple enough for my depression to be put at ease. thank you

it was okay


loved this.  it's simple graphics, the amount of times i can knock, the different choices in conversation, it's just so funny, wholesome and strange and overall just right :)


Here's a pixie/woodland sort of character.

She identifies as female, is bisexual, is very passionate about life and all living things, a great friend who loves hugs, and is a vegetarian.

Any thoughts or name suggestions? :)