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Will there be more updates? 

Alright, i just finished dozer route and i must say it was much better than i thought. I actually only tried the route because i finished everyone else but i'm glad i did!

A joy to play on android, even with the super tiny buttons!

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Um Version 1.32 Android is actually version 1.29, or so the apk file name says

Btw, just played a few hours on android version on my new phone (much bigger than my last one) and the buttons are very hard to press. In case many play on phone, i think it'd be a good idea to make a new interface for phones. In the very least make buttons bigger. I had a few times where i kept clicking next (dialogue) instead of clicking the save button. Starting game from menu is hard too, not easy clicking things on edge of screen when they're tiny.

I liked all routes except darius and didn't play dozer yet. Hope darius doesn't end up being an asshole he's currently portrayed as.

This game is pretty neat! The combat is nice, loot is cool and there's lots of party members to level and gear up.

Currently there's content up to level 20 but we should get more content soon as the developer seems active!