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Looks like an MLP EG character tbh

no problem

What's the license on this asset pack? commercial use ok?

Curses! oh well, thank you for responding

Are there pngs included as well? I use

Look as in rotate a camera in 360 degrees? If so, yes, you can.

It's because your computer doesn't know who made the program, I would undergo a verification process but it seems long and unnecessary

Hello, is this pack cc0?

Yes, this is very much true, the physics are terrible, the game feels claustrophobic a majority of the time, and oh boy the crashes, fret not, we're reworking the engine from scratch, and at the moment everything is in satisfactory condition, we'll post a dev log in a bit, thank you for your feedback!

hello there DaveeGames, I can tell from your account history that you have asked many creators the same question. This opportunity of yours is quite abrupt, unfortunately, I do not seek to pursue this deal of yours.

Regards, Gabriel A. Velasquez | Monoulous Studio Founder

Very nice pack! I'll be using it, but not for a dating sim. Keep up the good work!

Great to hear dude!

Hey there J.La, for what I'm assuming is your first raycaster game, it was pretty enjoyable! The enemy placement felt fair, and the weapon variety was nice. My only critique is on the last level, It was quite easy to get lost, so to remedy this, I suggest placing walls or sprites of unique textures so that the player can orient him/herself.

I suppose I'll be joining you for the retro FPS game jam, I've been making my own engine over the past few weeks, I can't wait to play some fresh new Doom clones, thanks man! -Jubb

pretty nice challenge.

Ah, haven't thought of it through that angle, I suppose a scan wouldn't hurt, thanks for the feedback :)

I suppose it could be because I'm not a verified developer or something of the sorts


rad game




More episodes? Without jammn' time being a hassle I'm sure your next episodes'll be great, can't wait to play em' :o

In order to beat the game, I had to save up all my ammo throughout the playthrough, leaving everyone unharmed except the big dude at the end- druglord? any who, I enjoyed nearly every second of it, especially the two cut-scenes that were done horribly great! Perfect score in my book buddy. I'm not sure if there are any secrets or easter eggs, but I'll probably speed run it some day when my internet goes out. Keep jammin' -Jubb

Even though it's a basic platformer I quite enjoyed the short experience; it didn't overstay it's welcome. Other than slipping off some edges, the gameplay's pretty smooth. The PSX graphics was a simple yet effective way it implement the modifier. I might come back to this game to see if i can parkour out of bounds. Later dude!