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This game is a lot of fun!

Had a lot of fun on my live stream! Was ok at it 2nd time I think I made it for level 30 lol. After that I died before jumping one level lol 

New  video on my this awesome new indie game! I cant wait to see more of this!

Hope you all enjoy :)

MbG - Support the game and me if you can!

Really cool game ! i really enjoy this  Supermarket simulator . Hope you all enjoy my video! 

Thank you it was great to play your game and look forward to check out your future updates! I will follow your game and if there are more updates hopefully i will get notified so i can cover them.

Awesome indie game I have not got a chance to finish the Demo but Its so good! I hope you all enjoy the lets try!

Interesting gameplay had some fun also got a bit frustrated as I wish I could have done more into the game looking forward to future updates!

New update! New content ! I was looking forward to the music and it suits perfectly great update! Cant wait to see future updates of the game!

This is a very interesting fun game I cant wait to see what else they introduce in the game the demo is amazing though great art and story very well written hope you all enjoy.

Nice game and gameplay let me know of your different endings.

Hope you enjoy it!

Hello Mitron, 

Thank you again for the opportunity. Glad you enjoyed the showcase I really love the game you have a lot of potential with it. Keep me posted please with any updates I would love to do like a trail showcase of every single little thing you add to the game and do more videos than. If you are interested in that let me know you.

I look forward to future updates and cant wait to see the game out of pre -alpha its great.

Many thanks again,


Holey Suity lets play showcase! Loving the game thank you for much for the opportunity.

Finally uploading last part hope you all get to enjoy it! Let me know how I am doing!

Raft community · Created a new topic Raft part 3 the end

Newest episode from Raft. The end is near! Hope you all enjoy.

EMPORIUM community · Created a new topic Emporium Part 2

Emporium part 2 is here hope you all enjoy :)

Great game really enjoyed it this is Part 1 of my play-through. Let me know what you think thank you for watching and look forward to see what else the game brings along.

Great game had a lot of fun playing it though I am not a huge expert at the shoot em ups games I gotta say this was easy and felt quite good to just play it for a little while. I wish I knew how to access controls and maybe how to pilot things but besides that it was really good .

Great game had a lot of fun with it! My only hope is that its a little easier to control in future updates.

No problem happy to be of assistance :D

Great game :D

Great game really enjoyed it!

Great game !

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Great game :D

Had great fun with this game !

Great game really enjoyed it :)

Great game!

Enjoy this game a lot!

Raft community · Created a new topic Great game!

Starting off in Raft was not easy.

This game is so addicting!