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Great game :D

Great game really enjoyed it!

Great game !

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Great game :D

Great chapter 2 . I wish it was a bit longer however it was really good while it lasted. I want to see if they improve the length of the episode 3.

Had great fun with this game !

Great chapter 1 and 2 really enjoyed them . I look forward to chapter 3 and see what that one brings!

Great game really enjoyed it :)

Great game and awesome chapter 1 :)

Chapter 2 is great !

Great game!

Wow chapter 1 was scary but good!

Enjoy this game a lot!

Created a new topic Great game!

Starting off in Raft was not easy.

This game is so addicting!

Chapter 1 was epic ! First time I played it I was terrified didnt know where Bendy was going to come from or if he was going to spook me so well done!

This is recording oh noooo ! The Bendy is back with awesome chapter 2 :)

I wish I could just jump on a truck and be drove to the enemy base lol like a Rambo team or something every time i tried kicked me off it :) great game hope you all have a laugh at my attempts :)

Great episode 1 and 2 cant wait to see what episode 3 brings along. Bigger map or bigger puzzles is Boris a friend or enemy ? Hope you all get a laugh at my lets plays .

Where is that door to that tank ? or Helicopter ? :)

This game is great just looking forward a few more additions to it :)

Created a new topic I dont like being bitten :)

Hello lovely game here hope you all enjoy my short playthrough more will be done in the future no doubt if you guys enjoy it make sure you let me know .

I finished chapter 1 & 2 and I simply cant wait for the 3rd installment. So many questions want to see what else gets introduced into the game and where the story takes us hope you all enjoy :)

If anyone knows how to control helicopters or tanks please let me know :)

Nice game -

Having a lot of fun for the first time try with this game I look forward to see what else I can do into the game.

Lets play army games! Man that is such a nice tank how do I get into that? I dont know ... I only played it for 10 minutes died a lot had a lot of fun hope you all enjoy the content!

hELLO all dont bite me bro fans hope you all enjoy the gameplay suggestions welcomed

Great fun snipinig the red team from a high point really enjoying it! Only wish I could fly in a helicopter :)

Jump in this tank... ahh I am just kidding :D; No the game is awesome look forward to giving it a second play around in the future let me know all you experts out there what you think I should be doing better . I am really having fun with the game.

Created a new topic Raft Playlist


This is an awesome game I really enjoyed it ! Want to see what else is the game adding in the future!

Such a nice tank and helicopter .. wait where you going with it ? Awww man .. i just cant touch it? lol hope you enjoy the video everyone!

Such a nice tank and helicopter .. wait where you going with it ? Awww man .. i just cant touch it? lol hope you enjoy the video everyone!

Man this is a lot of fun :) I will probably do a longer episode in the future hope you all enjoy :D

Hope you all enjoy the tutorial I had a lot of fun with the game!


Check out my first video on Ravenfield hope you all enjoy if you are an expert give me some advice lol ;)

Really had a lot of fun with this game hope you all enjoy the episode :)

Omg never had so much fun hope you all enjoy the episode!

This is a lot of fun hope you all enjoy the episode!

Chapter 2 is here ! I am loving this one hope you all enjoy the episode !