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there isn't any .ear file on this asset :/ 

what do you mean with cannot be opened? it's a .Rar file with one .ase file and the same file but in .png

DM me at @gabbassist on twitter.

Yes! i'm needing some money so making assets for you would be great, thank you ♥

that looks great man!  nice job! 

thank you ♥

Aww, is not that good, just simple and clean, thank you, go practice and you can be better  ♥ 

feel free to modify the sprites, once you buy this asset is yours ♥ thank you

Go ahead in any project, personal or commercial, if you want to give me a little credit with just the cat icon (momeG) that will be helpful, thanks for buying ♥

once you buy it, it's yours, modify it, change the colors, use it for games or whatever you want to ;) 

i just want to say that i'm translated the morse tweet e.e 

Hi ronsween, the gifs i've made it manually with a gif recorder. You can do that parallax effect by moving each background layer with a different speed eg: 0.5 - 0.2 - 0.1 so they have that difference between each layer and it gives that depth effect, i hope this help you ♥ greetings.

Oh i didn't noticed that, thank you 


Hi! i'm doing another personal stuff, i'm now on a band, i need to find a work, i'm also in the highschool yet, so in my little free times (when i'm really inspired) i do pixel art but you know... it's hard, i'd like to spend all the time doing art but here... is hard.

the guy who made those used my assets  and modified them a bit, i hope you like it and find it useful for your project, good luck ♥.

Yes, totally, a guy made some good games using my sprites and then he modified it a bit, take a look:

once you buy it you can modify it as you wish... you can sell your game without problem, i'm just a guy who make little art packs to help people with games so Good luck ♥.


Thanks ! 

Dotgrid community · Created a new topic saving

Can i save as a png image?

Aw, thank you ! ♥  i'm glad you like it, for anything you need you can contact me on twitter @artmomeg

Thanks!   ♥

Thank you ♥

Whatever you want man ♥ a little credit can help me a lot ♥

Yo solamente estaba colaborando con el pixel art, pero esta descontinuado el juego, el desarrollador ahora esta en otro proyecto, si lo seguimos seguramente lo actualice aca en itch, muchas gracias por tomarte el tiempo de jugarlo :)

It is for you

Sorry  but i'm not making pixel art since a month ago, this ended for me.

Great work mate! keep up! 

Thanks to you for using it dude

Micro Character Bases:

•Old & new walk styles
•Side or 8 directional sprites
•All of this asset packs uses those characters

MomeG Roguelike Characters:

•+10 different characters with move and attack animations
•A set of weapons and codexes to modify the characters
•Some effects for attacks and magic stuff

Super Roguelike Pack:
•A lot of different characters & enemies
•Tilesets with objects
•Old content included (previous version)
•Hit / smash effects
•Gold, diamonds and other objects for the dungeon

Currently there's a bundle for the three asset packs at [$18,00] (Save 39%) hope you like it.
Feedback is highly apreciated.

Daaamn!! Great job dude! stuning.

Hello, i'm selling this three game assets :·3 hope you like it, Feedback is appreciated ♥

-Roguelike Characters:

•This asset pack contains 10+ characters with their respectives attack, run, block animations. Also effects & character items.

-The Super Roguelike pack:

•Contains a lot of characters (more characters than the Roguelike characters but only walk animations) tilesets, objects & effects

-The Micro character bases

•It contains the base character of the other asset packs to make your own characters and also have a 8 direction sprite (in almost 8x8 size)

I hope you like it those game assets, and again... feedback is apprecitated, thank you ♥


Niiice work !

I'm updating it right now, in a minutes the pack will have tileset, objects, effects and more and more characters with a improved walk animation :)

I'm uploading an update in just a minutes :) a more tilesets, characters & more ♥

Thanks dude! by personal reasons i'm not currently working but i have a "WIP" file with a bunch of micro characters with better walk animations, attacks, and more... just give me time :)

Yeah... i never coded the mouse things... so, this is a buggy prototype, it's just the concept of a game.

Heey thanks dude!


Hey! i updated the content, check out ;)